Author of How I Lowered My Cholesterol 58 Points in 45 Days Reveals How Cholesterol Control Has Been Covered Up by the Medical Community for over 60 Years

Greg S.Wirth, a well-respected author, has released a book on how he lowered his cholesterol 58 points in 45 days


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- Greg S.Wirth has bravely written a book on Cholesterol that the majority of the medical profession did not want to be written, telling the story of how Cholesterol control has been covered up by the medical community for over 60 years. The book has received rave reviews from alternative health professional that have welcomed the author blowing the lid and giving men and women the true story on Cholesterol. However, the medical profession is refusing to acknowledge the book exists.

How I lowered my cholesterol in 58 points in 45 days ( reveals the true story how cholesterol control has been covered up by the medical community for over 60 years and how cholesterol can be effectively and safely lowered with satin drugs. Greg S.Wirth is not afraid of revealing the truth, explains how he reduced his cholesterol by 58 points in 45 days after a visit to the doctor several years ago revealed his levels were at 231. He also mentions in his book on the different cholesterol types, and the health secrets that doctors won’t reveal to their patients.

Greg S.Wirth has stood firm with his book and will not be moved to one side by the medical profession, no matter how much persuasion they try and impose. He wants to bring the truth to the world on cholesterol and how studies have shown that statin drugs can cause cancer.

The author said: “Trading cholesterol with cancer was no option for him. Through my research, I found that statins reduce a key heart nutrient called Co-Enzyme Q-10 (CoQ10), which is produced in the mitochondria of cells, responsible for generating energy for them. Any depletion of it can cause widespread problems throughout the body.”

Greg S. Wirth explained the information he has uncovered has been covered up by the medial profession and pharmaceutical companies for decades, making patients believe their only option to deal with high cholesterol was through dangerous prescriptions.

His findings lead him to formulate an all-natural method, that works to reduce cholesterol quickly and maintain the results. It didn’t require spending endless hours at the gym, or starvation, or eating bland foods at every meal. It was derived from a simple leading range of supplements that gave him all he needed to lower his cholesterol.

How I Lowered My Cholesterol 58 Points in 45 Days, has been described as a book every man and woman needs to read before thinking about using drugs to treat their high cholesterol levels.

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How I Lowered My Cholesterol 58 Points In 45 Days, is an important book that can help change a person's life.