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Author of New Fantasy Novel Proves Learning Disability No Barrier to Success

From James Terzian, ‘The Lord of Shadows Rises: Rise of the Heroes’ is a dazzling achievement from a young and upcoming author.


Silver Springs, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- James Terzian has faced his fair share of challenges.

After immigrating to the United States from Ukraine at the age of five, Terzian realized early on that he had a deep passion for writing. Born with a learning disability, Terzian found writing to be a struggle, but he soldiered on. Penning tales based on his favorite TV shows, the young man delved into the world of fan-fiction and finally decided to write his first novel – in part, to show others that having a disability should not hinder progress.

“My goal is to show other young people that a learning disability isn’t the death of creativity,” says the author. “I wrote ‘The Lord of Shadows Rises’ to showcase my imagination and also to provide an example. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Terzian’s imagination is rich indeed. With sweeping and complex plots, vibrantly detailed landscapes and a main character that travels across the globe, ‘The Lord of Shadows Rises: Rise of the Heroes’ is a stunning first novel from an author to watch.

It has been 200 years since the Lord of Shadows was sealed in a horrific battle with the Order of White Rose. Now the year is 1998, a boy with murdered parents must gather allies to stop the once powerful Lord of Shadows from regaining his full power and breaking the seal. Learning from the Order of the White Rose guardians he must fight or his parents death would be in vain. It is a story of martial arts and fighting styles of both armed and unarmed combat with a mix of magic elements in it.

It starts in Norway with the young teen Alexander travelling the world from the United States to the Amazon. From China to Korea he must find Masters of the order of White Rose to train and learn from them. The Masters are being targeted one after another by the generals of the shadows. Fighting valiantly they must keep their key safe at the cost of their own lives and to pass on the mantel of master to their apprentice and student. From Norway to New York, from Brazil to Korea they must fight.

Since its publication, ‘The Lord of Shadows Rises’ has earned glowing reviews from readers.

“This book is good. It is fun and kind of takes you back to your youthful days where you wanted to be a hero and take on the bad guys. It delivers in that regard. Overall, I will be looking out for the second entry into the series,” wrote David Whelan.

Ginger Ott wrote: “The plot pulls you and makes want to stick around till the end. It's a good read and the next book will be great if this book is anything to go by.”

‘The Lord of Shadows Rises: Rise of the Heroes’ is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1c1aTWc

About the Author: James Terzian
James Terzian is an upcoming Author with learning Disability in writing. Writing a novel to prove to others that having a Disability does not hinder you in anyway. Born in Ukraine and came to America in 1992 at the age of five, Found his love for writing after graduation and is hoping to share his journey. Graduated with honor roll in High school despite his Disability, he strives to do what he loves, writing. He started to write fanfiction based on his childhood shows. Currently working in the school system in building service, he maintains the building for bright minds to learn and get an education.