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Author of Out of the Ashes; Healing in the Afterloss, Benjamin Scott Allen, Speaks out on Dealing with Loss During the Holiday Season


Incline Village, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- With the holiday season approaching, many individuals see the season as a time to celebrate and spend time with family. Others, who are living in loss, see the holidays as a time where grief and sorrow has reached the highest point of the year. Struggling through loss over many years and holidays, Benjamin Scott Allen, author of “Out of The Ashes; Healing in the Afterloss” has written a blog describing his personal experiences and how the holiday season has forever changed.

Allen lost his wife and two sons to HIV/AIDS in the span of 13 years. Each death was met with grief and the struggle to cope as life moved on without them. It took some time, but Allen found peace, and his story is sure to bring comfort to others who are looking to read books for grieving the loss of a child. His most recent blog post, entitled “Holidays and Loss” takes his audience through the difficult times of dealing with the holidays.

It came slowly for Allen, as he was faced with one loss after another. His wife, Lydia, and son Bryan passed first, and he spent the holidays balancing joy and sorrow in the company of his son, Matt. Their holiday experience was lived in the shadow of their lost family members. Though he was strong for his son, the last loss was the toughest. Writes Allen, “We missed Bryan. We missed Lydia. Matt died three years later on November 10, 1995. I did not participate in Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. The holidays that the world around me celebrated went on without me.”

He lets his readers see how he has coped with the loss of loved ones, and continued to prosper through their unconditional love. His unique perspective on dealing with death provides readers with a first-hand account of how to carry on through the year, especially the holidays. The relationship Allen has with his family is continuing to evolve, and as he writes, “Life is different. Love is different. But time did not freeze. The river still flows and everywhere I go, they go.”

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About The Afterloss
Benjamin Scott Allen wrote “Out of The Ashes; Healing in the Afterloss” to help others dealing with a difficult loss learn to live with and beyond the devastation of grief in their Afterloss. Certified by the Grief Recovery Institute, Allen has been working for decades with grieving individuals and groups. He continues to write and deliver personal growth programs from his home in Lake Tahoe, Nevada where he resides with his wife, Rachel.

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