Author Pens Book to Help Others Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction; Christian Fiction Novel "Dying to Be Straight! Too" Addresses Lesbianism


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- UCLA's School of Law's Williams Institute estimates about 9 million individuals in America identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. In the face of these statistics, a new book addresses lesbianism and homosexuality with a narrative about a woman struggling with these temptations. Author Michael Beckford's Dying to be Straight! Too is a new Christian novel featuring Alexis and her experience dying to be straight.

As a teenager Alexis Carter enjoys the thought of men, with many men going in and out of her mothers’ house unannounced; it’s no secret that men are on the top of Alexis’s to-do-list. But when an innocent game of truth or dare between her female friends uncovers more than just a few truths, Alexis Carter quickly finds out that her curiosity for women would unfold into a surge of feelings for which she never knew existed.

Will Alexis Carter continue in her lustful pursuit of women as a young adult? Or would she decide to take the road of faith and follow after a path of righteousness for her souls’ sake? Alexis Carter is Dying To Be Straight! Too and it might just take an act of God to lead her and guide her on the path of heterosexuality.

Dying to be Straight! Too is a frank look at consuming lust and curiosity toward lesbianism with a compelling narrative. Beckford wrote the novel to inspire others to seek the right path, stating, “I wrote this book because it helps to send a message to those who are struggling with making a choice in their sexual desires.” He hopes Dying to be Straight! Too will help guide others in making the true decision and following their Christian ways.

Dying To Be Straight! Too is Michael D. Beckford’s seventh published book. His books have been read internationally and praised by many for their faith based themes. This is the second book in the Dying To Be Straight! Series. His other titles include Dying to be Straight; Beautifully Ugly People and its sequel, More Beautifully Ugly People; Shaniqua is White, I Am the Secret, and Speak Up, a collection of poetry. Dying to Be Straight! Too is available now at and wherever books are sold.

About Michael Beckford
Adopted by a loving family with an English teacher for a mother, Michael Beckford's love of words came early. After publishing his first collection of poetry, Speak Up, at age 18, he continued writing while attending college at FAMU in Tallahassee, Florida. In 2009, he wrote I am the Secret!, a guide for teen problems, and the title was distributed in Dade County for each graduating high school senior by The 5000 Role Models program. Beckford is the founder of Speak Publishing, a publisher devoted to quality Christian and inspirational books to readers worldwide. For more information on the author and Speak Publishing, please visit

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