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Author Points out How Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain Are Reaching Pandemic Proportion

What you need to know about spiritual self investment as a form of medication


Sunshine Coast, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2015 -- Stress levels are increasing by the day and more people are fighting an uphill battle against anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies are getting richer.

How can you avoid the medication merry-go-round and live happily and successfully? Author, natural therapist and self empowerment consultant Annemarie De Seriere wrote Peace, Power and You, a spiritual ABC for living beyond stress (published 2015 available at Amazon) to help you find meaning and healing in your life.

"The more we lose our spiritual connection the more we experience stress. And with stress as a leading cause for many illnesses and disease, spirituality in life has never been more needed" De Seriere said. "Spirituality and religion are frequently tarred with the same brush, giving both a bad name. Sadly, many steer away because of these misconceptions"

Annemarie De Seriere founded Resoulutions 4 Life in 2006 to offer natural relief to people in pain. What started as a massage clinic in a converted shed in her backyard, soon became a holistic service. Her mission is to help people understand the vital importance of self awareness and the close relationship between mind, body and soul. She said "Self awareness = power" and that "regardless of what you think controls your situation, each of us has the ability to change our own attitude." De Seriere is also the author of Will to Wonder: principles on the loss and discovery of power.

De Seriere offers these 3 tips on how you can start reclaiming your power, right now!


When we become anxious, angry or stressed there's an unconscious tendency to hold our breath or breathe very shallow. This not only contributes to more anxiety, anger and stress but it also contributes to an acidic internal environment, which contributes to disease. Consciously breathing is a huge step in turning any negative situation around.

- STOP every hour for 60 seconds to take stock - to 'check' and 'change' yourself

It's always a good idea to start your day with a positive aim in mind. This gives you something to focus on and check yourself every hour to see if you are on track. Check your thoughts and change them when necessary. Take a breath, wipe the slate clean and start again, This allows regular self reviewing throughout the day, while letting go of any mistakes or self sabotage.

- Meditate!

Meditation is a form of positive thinking, it's a practical application, a way to remember your higher qualities and those of others. It's not some highfalutin concept where you don't think. Though silence definitely helps when starting out but meditation should be able to be practiced anywhere, any time. Otherwise, what's the point? Meditation, in time, will help you become more silent inside, not the other way around.

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About Annemarie De Seriere
Annemarie De Seriere plays a variety of roles in her life. That of an independent author/publisher, a speaker and workshop facilitator. A natural therapist, self empowerment consultant and spiritual guide and… A mother, a life-partner, a 'gypsy'. She founded Resoulutions 4 life in 2006 to offer natural pain relief, after working for over a decade in disability services, aged care and palliative care. She has a deep interest in human behaviour and attributes self transformation for her love of life, and for enabling her to help others find meaning and healing in theirs.

De Seriere comes from a large family and has traveled broadly in her life. Living a 'gypsy' lifestyle, traveling Australia, she gives many talks and offers outreach programs to different communities and groups looking for peace or alternative relief from stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Living with chronic pain herself, De Seriere uses a range of natural therapies to stay happy and empowered. Her main medication is meditation, combined with a positive attitude and a high alkaline diet. She speaks from her heart and happily shares what she's constantly learning about physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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Phone: 0423 66 22 02

About Peace, Power, and You
Peace, Power and You, a spiritual ABC for living beyond stress is all about self love and self care. It shows you how to reclaim your power to enjoy a life of peace, happiness and personal success. This treasure map of empowerment has been written in an easy to digest ABC format to help you better deal with stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It helps you take control of your life by sharing practical tools, simple concepts and achievable exercises.

Peace, Power and YOU; a spiritual ABC for living beyond stress was published September 2015 by Annemarie De Seriere.
ISBN number 978-0-9808418-1-7
RRP $19.95

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Annemarie De Seriere
phone: 0423 66 22 02