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Author Producer Spills Inner Secrets for Keeps to Prosper Souls Worldwide During a Pandemic


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2020 -- What's more important to have during a worldwide pandemic? Would it be to have food, clothing, shelter, optimism and free of the corona virus or to be financially stable and perhaps even prosperous? SoRichIam Media claims people can be practical and grow their wealth in spite of the pandemic or any other world crisis. They've just proved it by making three of their cornucopia instructional videos on demand available for direct purchase. Their life enhancing video streams can now be studied and viewed repeatedly at leisure. The boutique media company tells us they want to help people worldwide survive and even thrive during good times and bad.

The first available video is a four part doc-u-series entitled My Love is One TELL THEM! The soul quenching faith based documentary reveals historical secrets that may leave Torah and Bible scholars clutching their pearls and murmuring multiple OMGs. Producer, and author, LeTicia Lee promises it is designed to feed souls in a way that will stregthen viewers' faith from any socio-economic background or religion when watched regularly.

Be sure to pay attention to the timeless "KBA"episode. It's the secret sauce to improve one's economic condition at any time from any corner of the earth.

Wipe those starving dark circled video stream binged eyes. We can't think of any Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon produced entertainment series that guarantees it will feed and prosper hungry souls worldwide during a pandemic or any other crisis. This one delivers.

SoRichIam Media producers tell us their goal is to feed at least 100 million hungry souls by the end of the year. They are offering the first episode in the four part series absolutely free to facilitate this.

The second is a millennial fave appropriately titled, The Answer Key. What student didn't want the answers to career and financial success before the true life exam? The vod gives viewers a bird's eye view from a vintage live speaking engagement by former Wall Street Language Instructor, LeTicia Lee.

Lee summarizes and pours "inner circle" financial success secrets into a group of wide eyed baby eagle like students before their graduation. These "eaglets" learn how to discover their purpose and design a real multi-million dollar retirement plan starting with almost nothing. We're told the plan works whether viewers start with an upwardly mobile career or part-time minimum wage paying job.

We're going to recommend this one for students, new grads and drop outs. Drop in and peruse this fifty minute class and say goodbye to potential student loans. Students and parents will thank us later.

The third instructional movie on demand was especially popular with newlyweds and new parents, but anyone who has been suffering through (yet surely grateful) from "living with parents" or "apartment cabin fever", will certainly find the Free House Money vod a gem of a find. While another government stimulus check may, or may not be on the horizon, there is real free money available to buy a home. Some people have even found these home purchases more affordable than renting.

The publishers tell us that participants have discovered that having their own backyard is like having an additional room and has brought tremendous peace and fresh air during the corona virus pandemic. That news is certainly a breath of fresh air with or without a mask. Unlike the first two aforementioned international streaming videos, the Free House Money vod is only valid for viewers in the United States and Puerto Rico.

All three titles have a recommended companion book or workbook available onsite. Previously only short-term rentals, each video on demand can now be purchased for keeps on the Vimeo platform 24/7.

Viewers who want to stream and prosper their souls, finances, and homes can go to to get started.

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