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Author Rashad Mitchell Fuses Poetry with Hip-Hip, in Impressive Ten-Strong Collection of Books Covering Life, Culture and Faith

With a lifetime’s observations and wisdom to share, Rashad Mitchell refuses to stay silent. In a prolific attempt to compel the public to explore the depths of opinion, Mitchell has composed ten books. Nine feature his true-to-life poetry and the tenth exposes some of the Hip-Hop world’s most under-rated albums. One thing is for sure; Mitchell’s work is unique.


Paterson, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- While many poets take decades to get over the hesitation to release a single book, underdog author Rashad Mitchell already has nine titles to his name. With his works rapidly picking up pace, Mitchell is poised to take the literary world by storm not only as a poet, but as a commentator on the world of Hip-Hop.

Mitchell’s work encompasses his entire life story; his coming of age, the finding of faith and triumphing in a world that presents many challenges. However, his tenth book, ‘The Top 50 Underrated Classic Albums in Hip-Hop History’ is radically different; capitalizing on the author’s deep love and passion for music.


Ascetic Contemplation – Ascetic Contemplation is about a young man's journey as a freshman in college. Dealing with the influence of the monastery and much more. This book is a poetry book filled with lyrics and songs that was written during the late 90's.

Threshold of Consciousness - Threshold of Consciousness is a book about going from the conscience side to the conscious side. The continuation of the monastery's mystique and much more.

The Man With The Golden Tongue - The Man With The Golden Tongue is about being enlightened in a dark world. Using your tongue for good use to build up not tear down and much more.

Consecrated Alchemist - Consecrated Alchemist means being consecrated down to a science. Having consecration and sanctification at the highest level to be set apart for a calling and a purpose.

Spiritual Infatuation - Spiritual Infatuation means being in love with God, his will, his way, and his word and much more.

Mighty Maturation - Mighty Maturation means being mature beyond your years on earth and much more.

Mitchell Supreme Express - Mitchell Supreme Express means being on life's journey reigning supreme over any circumstances that comes your way. Having dominion over the world, the flesh, and the devil.

The Conqueror - The Conqueror means being a champion in the game of life. Overcoming the world and its system when the dust settles the conqueror will be the last one standing.

Ascension Among The Ranks - Ascension Among The Ranks means going higher in God.

The Top 50 Underrated Classic Albums In Hip Hop History - The Top 50 Underrated Classic Albums In Hip Hop History takes a look at classic albums that were underrated. Check out who has the #1 underrated classic album.

“My over-riding goal is to have readers thinking very deeply about my life, and how I conjure up imagery through words,” explains Mitchell. “My poetry tells my entire life story and really hits home with the importance of not only deriving satisfaction from God, but living for him.”

Continuing, “I also weave Hip-Hop around my bibliography as it’s a subject very close to my heart. As I grew up I became acutely aware that there’s a slew of great albums that just haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve. I hope that, through my music book, I can provide a platform for the under-appreciated guys in the industry.”

With each book’s demand increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

Mitchell’s entire collection can be purchased from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1kCUk7k.

The author lives in New Jersey