Sandy Semerad

Author Receives Accolades for a Message in the Roses

Loosely Based on a murder trial Semerad covered as a journalist in Atlanta.


Santa Rosa Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- “A Message in the Roses is both lovely and exciting, a nail biter to the quick. It brings a delightful combination of journalistic craft and romantic prose that warms the heart and steams up the room.” Dave Straub, former CNN anchor, White House reporter / NBC, Presidential Adviser.

A Message in the Roses, a novel by Sandy Semerad, has been released in e-book. The printed version will be available in book stores soon. This new book is loosely based on a murder trial Semerad covered as a newspaper reporter in Atlanta.

Semerad was born in Geneva, Alabama, but now makes her home in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. She earned a journalism degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta and has worked as a newspaper reporter, broadcaster, columnist and editor. When she’s not writing novels, she travels and works with Chambers of Commerce on their projects for Village Profile.

Her publisher, Books We Love, Ltd., have republished her first two mysteries, Sex, Love & Murder (once titled Mardi Gravestone) and Hurricane House, which garnered four-and-a-half stars from Romantic Times and five stars from Midwest Book Review.

“I’m honored to be with Books We Love,” Semerad said. “They are a great group and they’re rapidly moving up in the publishing world.”

Books We Love Ltd., a Canadian Publisher, has developed a solid reputation for signing authors who have spent the greater part of their lives honing their skills, and turning the spotlight onto quality writers that readers have been trying to find for twenty years.

This publisher claims to be highly exclusive about who they sign; opting for previously-published authors who were left stranded after their small to mid-size publishers were swallowed up by the big guys.

Authors under their wing include not only Sandy Semerad, but Joan Hall Hovey (known to many as Canada’s “Queen of Suspense”), Juliet Waldron, known for such historical favorites as Mozart’s Wife and Hand Me Down Bride, Kat Attalla who has over a dozen available romance titles.

“We’re releasing new and re-printed books only from authors who have a solid reputation for quality and credentials to match. They have won awards, dominated the former mid-lists and are often authority figures in their own professional industry,” explained Judith Pittman, Publisher for Books We Love Ltd. “However, they were literally left with nowhere to turn after their publishers were incorporated into others and their works delisted. Considering many of these authors spent decades refining their skills and had loyal fan bases – it’s a travesty. The good news is that they have now found a home at Books We Love Ltd. and we’re passionate about connecting them with their former readers, as well as garnering a new audience. You’ll often hear people asking what happened to that author they were once addicted to; well, he or she could very well be with us!”

Books We Love Ltd. has just signed a deal to widely distribute their books in print in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, Pittman said. Red Tuque will also be handling a portion of the distribution in Canada, with both distributors releasing a combined twenty-five titles this coming fall.

“This print distribution is a big step for our authors, returning their work to its original format. Of course, we’ve not forgotten about eBooks and currently have over four-hundred titles exclusively available through Amazon Kindle. With each book priced at $4.99 or under, getting some of literature’s forgotten heroes into your hands has never been cheaper,” Pittman added.

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