Author Releases Uncanny and Thought-Provoking Artist Book

New Montage Novel Explores the Idea of the Word “Home” Using Texts and Images


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2017 -- The Sweets of Home is the newest title from Rob Kovitz, creator of unusual and imaginative books that consist of texts and images collected from various sources, usually obsessively related to one or more themes. The Sweets of Home, which was originally commissioned by Dazibao Gallery in Montreal for an exhibition titled Home Sweet Home: À propos de l'inquiétude, consists of texts that contain the words: "home," "sweet," or "inquietude."

Kovitz's book creates an anxiety around the word "home" that juxtaposes with the connotation of intimacy and fondness that is usually associated with it. Home becomes unpredictable and irregular as the use of it flips between directional and locative as Kovitz surrounds it with anything from a mother knitting to soldiers returning from war to navigational radar systems to chickens to murder victims to linguistic theory to bathroom telephones. The photos between each page create another element of chaos as a man fumbles with a lamp. Readers can use the novel as a flip book and watch the man grasp, drop, and trip over the lamp, representing a constant struggle to maintain homeostasis or the stability that a home is supposed to represent.

Kovitz has released numerous other super-cut book projects with Treyf Books including Dead and Cold, According to Plan, Room Behavior, Pig City Model Farm and the 8-volume award-winning appropriation epic, Ice Fishing in Gimli.

"Strange and clever." – Globe & Mail
"Funny, but deep." – Umbrella

"Is this a new form of discourse in step with its multivalent, chaotic times, or just an excuse for intellectual laziness? Only the author knows for sure." – Canadian Architect

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