Author Reveals Secrets to Getting Published Faster and Getting Better Response

Find out how to join the ranks of published authors more easily and faster than you ever imagined.


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Dean Giles an Amazon # 1 bestselling author, recently released his highly anticipated work, "Write a Step-by-Step Book." The volume is loved for its simplicity and practical nature. It is being acclaimed as The Resource for anyone who is serious about being a non-fiction writer.

Nonfiction writers are unique in the world. They are the unsung heroes that are actually trying to make a difference in the world and the lives of other people. But many nonfiction writers find themselves frustrated by the writing process. Writing can be difficult and knowing how to research ideas, organize the ideas, and put those ideas into something that will really be useful can be an art form.

"Truthfully, most authors are doing it wrong, and it shows. If the process feels like going to the dentist, then you really are doing it wrong."

Writing can be a natural and enjoyable thing. It can naturally lead to both self-fulfillment and good profits, but there are some simple steps that, if followed, can lead to a book that is better accepted and much more profitable.

Those simple steps are outlined in this easy-to-read, and straight-forward manual. “The key is in the discovery process and the focusing of the author's effort in producing something that is exactly what the customer needs and presented it in a way that anyone can follow the advice.” Says, the author, Dean Giles.

Readers are attracted to books because of the promise of information. Many books are full of fluff and rhetoric. They never really get to the meat of the problem or how to go about implementing a solution. Writers that can truly identify those needs and spell out how to solve those problems one step at a time, will quickly gain a following and true fans of their work.

The book comes with an easy, step-by-step checklist that will guarantee that nothing is missed along the way.

As an author, you can move your writing to the next level Step-by-Step, and enjoy the benefits of finishing a nonfiction book that really helps other people, is direct-to-the-point, and can be completed in less time than you ever imagined. Learn more at Write a Step-by-Step book by Dean Giles

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