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New Marriage Book’s Secrets Revealed


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Often, successful books have a back story that readers really want to discover. When Howard Bronson sought publishers for his new book, 'How to Make an Impossible Marriage Possible,' the first question posed by prospects dealt with his qualifications. "What makes you the authority on how to make impossible marriages possible? Not even Dr. Phil makes that outlandish claim. " Further, Bronson does not have a PhD in psychology, does not have a TV show and he limits his therapy practice to a small village in Southern Vermont. Yet his relationship advice has been found useful by thousands of readers all across the globe.

Which brings us to how he came to write his new book.

The Back Story

In 2006, Bronson worked as the Media Director for Best Friends Animal Society. His Day-One assignment: arrange the rescue of every stray dog in war-torn Southern Lebanon. Best Friends' mission was to protect animal rights and provide rescues anywhere in the world. So Bronson buried himself in this mission, determined to prove he could do the impossible. He rose at 4:30 AM every morning, and called anyone in the Middle East who might be able to help. For some time he encountered nothing but brick walls. The "powers that be" apparently had other priorities.

Still, Bronson kept calling, day after day, until finally someone connected him with Emirates Airlines. To rescue these animals, he had to arrange the lease of a jet from any airline willing to risk landing in Beirut volatile airport. Bronson figured that if he could get a commitment on the jet first, all the other elements might fall into place.

Not So fast.

Bronson got an agreement for a plane from Emirates Airlines, but now had to get Hezbollah to agree not to shoot the plane down, or hijack it once it landed in Lebanon. He figured that an 'Arab friendly' neighbor like the United Arab Emirates would mitigate this possibility. Then he had to get clearance from the Israeli government both for airspace and to ensure that they too would not shoot the plane down. Also, he needed to somehow assure Israel that the plane was not really a secret transport for weapons. Israel's history of scrutinizing unusual transports is well known. The challenge was to identify common threads of goodwill and decency in all of these disparate parties, threads that no one could see at the time. And in September of 2006, when a retrofitted animal rescue DC-10 landed in Beirut, he saw his efforts as partly successful. All that was left now was for the courageous Best Friends staffers to gather up every stray dog without getting kidnapped or killed in the process.

There were indeed many tense moments. Bronson not only managed to convince Emirates Airlines to lease him a plane, but also to retrofit it with 300 kennels. Then he had to convince Best Friends' skeptical CFO to wire $310,000 to a European bank account. These funds would then be picked up by an Emirates emissary. Bronson had to quickly help train a crew of eleven who would go on this mission. Bronson had to help run base operations from Utah because, being a Jew, he could not risk going to war-torn Beirut.

Ten days later in Las Vegas, the DC-10 landed safely with its well-protected canine cargo. Over 300 dogs that would have surely died were rescued and placed in loving homes. But that's not the whole story.

For the next year, Best Friends fended off many questions and challenges as to the wisdom and expense of this effort. But Bronson always saw this rescue as something far more than just rescuing these beleaguered animals, all of who would have otherwise died. He learned that he could reach out to some of the most diverse and sworn enemies of the day and bind them together with tethers of goodwill and decency.

When the press broke the story on a national basis, this powerful point was usually overlooked by almost everyone except Bronson. The impact of this lesson has remained with him to this day. Now, in his couples' therapy practice, he is especially proud of how his involvement in divorce mediations has resulted in a number of unexpected and sustainable reunification of formerly-incompatible couples. Bronson had learned this was possible because he had momentarily united some of the world's bitterest enemies.

So from that unusual and under-reported story in Lebanon nine years ago, the basis of Bronson's book 'How To Make an Impossible Marriage Possible' was born. Because he knew that with living human beings, even in their most oppositional and hateful state, there still remain tethers of decency. Often times, they require a lot of work and imagination to detect, but the common denominators are always there and always possible.

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