Author Rock Kitaro Seeks Crowdfunding to Publish His Next Organized Crime Fiction "the Three Kings of Ybor"

In this new suspense thriller Eliza Christie assembles a militia to take on the world's most Powerful Crime Syndicate.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- The latest suspense thriller from Rock Kitaro is one of a continuing series of crime fiction novels set in post-apocalyptic America. The setting? Eliza Christie is the leader of an underground militia hell bent on avenging her father’s murder. Braden Pierce is a gifted syndicate enforcer who will do whatever it takes to execute an order. And Gavin Hassell is a young narcissistic private investigator who’s tired of following rules and not getting the recognition he deserves. The three outlaws become the stuff of legend while the city becomes their battleground. And in their wake, they leave a long list of bodies, a sunken cruise ship, and a half demolished police department. These are the Three Kings of Ybor.

Rock Kitaro learned the hard way that striving as an independent writer isn't easy. With the advent of e-books making it easy for just about any writer to publish their work, the market has become flooded with new books and is more competitive than ever. With a false sense of confidence, he thought he could go it alone to make his flavor of fiction books popular. Over the past summer, he put up $2,000 of his own money in book promotion and production. While anyone should be impressed with Mr. Kitaro’s conviction by putting his own money at stake, what’s even more impressive is his 180 degree turn towards humility; he realizes that to make his mark in the publishing world, he needs help.

He launched his Indiegogo campaign to invite fiction fans and book readers of every stripe to embark on a brand new journey that has the potential to grow into a franchise comparable to “The Hunger Games”. The characters, the subplots, the action and adventure were all written by Rock with two goals; enchant readers who turn every page and dazzle movie audiences who could very well see the Kings of Ybor on the big screen one day.

Crowdfunding is sought to help with final editing, production and book promotion. With perks at every price, fans of fiction are certain to find something of interest; from having a character in a future book named for them to any number of books that will provide weeks of reading entertainment.

This crowdfunding campaign ends November 16, 2014.
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About Rock Kitaro
Rock is an author, screenwriter and good-natured and often times cerebral philosopher. He graduated from film school with a heavy emphasis on screenwriting, but since 2010, decided to turn his attention to writing books and novels.