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Author, Speaker and Mental Performance Coach Todd Thomas Offers Insight on What Makes Life Worth-While


Arlington, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Todd Thomas, author, speaker and mental performance coach believes that the potential for greatness is present in everyone. The difference however is that only some are able to realize it and a mere few achieve the greatness that is meant to be. His job as a mental performance coach is to help people be aware of their untapped potentials by becoming "It-aware" and how to kick their 'It' in gear. Todd's book "Tired of Having It But Not Using It? - The It Factor Action Guide" is his definitive manual that shares 8 secrets to realizing one's potential for greatness. Along with speaker sessions and mental performance coaching blog, Todd is sharing his insights on how to make life worthwhile.

"You have the capacity to achieve so far beyond what you are achieving today that it's mind-boggling."

Todd asks his audiences to imagine themselves in a difficult situation, such as heaving a heavy load or having to do a mundane task over and over again. After this small imagination exercise, Todd goes on to explain that a life which is not spent in pursuit of achieving goals, reaching for one's potential and overcoming obstacles leads to discontentment and unhappiness.

Todd explains: "Those who say that life is not worthwhile are actually saying that they themselves have no justifiable personal goals. They have nothing that they are consumed with doing, being, or getting as valuable accomplishments to aim for. As a result, they are mostly miserable and discontented in the lives that they live. Lack of direction and focus on goals is the chief cause of their unhappiness."

The Mental Performance Coach contributes that the solution here is to break free of all such heavy and unnecessary loads that are pulling down potential for greatness. This is what this book is all about, it aims to teach readers how to break free from the grip of the self-image that is holding them back from their greatest achievements, and discover the greatness of their own "It Factor" through action steps like believing, imagination, and sharing.

Todd further added: "Making life worthwhile means having a meaningful mission and defined intentions. Some people call these 'goals'. In my coaching program, if a business team or individual will share with me what their goals are or let me help them define worthy goals, I can show them how to reach them. I can show them how to get them. And I'll be there with them coaching them along the way. I can help anyone THINK themselves into the results that they want!"

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About Todd Thomas
Todd Thomas is a long-time baseball and softball coach and professional hitting instructor. He is an author, public speaker, and mental performance coach. Todd has been coaching, training, and working with athletes for the better part of 20 years and has helped hundreds of people with his system.