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Author William G. Baker Pens Powerful Book on Living Life Fully


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2015 -- William G. Baker has been to the farthest reaches of the world but found one of his most profound experiences in San Diego, California while serving in the Marines. There, he met a 101-year-old old woman who gave him something that changed his life forever. What Baker thought were simply the written scientific records of a 20th Century exploration team, turned out to be something much more enlightening altogether. Within the 5 books he received were answers to man's greatest questions about consciousness, life and the universe.

"I would have never thought those journals would hold such power," said Baker.

Baker refers to 5 books containing the findings of an American Scientific team that observed and documented the ideology of philosophers living the Himalayas in the early 20th century. The group meticulously recorded their discoveries as they witnessed the great wonders and miracles performed by these "Masters of Life."

Like Eckhart Tolle, Oprah, and many other modern-day spiritual teachers, William G. Baker was inspired and transformed by his insights. The knowledge and understanding he acquired from the collection of books was so powerful, it changed his life forever. Baker shared his revelations with friends who found the concepts enormously helpful. They overwhelmingly encouraged him to write a book about the life-altering principles.

According to the book, living life at a higher "frequency" is the way that all desires can be instantly fulfilled, that past events can be altered, that health can be renewed, and that one can experience any aspect of life more fully. The concepts have been resonating with readers and the author's social media sites are growing rapidly with activity and new followers.

The book If You Knew This One Thing You Could Know and Do Everything represents several years of study by Baker. His reading and understanding, trial and error, and application of the principles helped the author to modify the teachings into formulas that anyone can easily understand and use for their own personal gain and well-being.

If You Knew This One Thing You Could Know and Do Everything is the official compilation of the information shared in those "Masters of Life" journals condensed and explained for the modern reader. Within its pages, Baker expertly crafts lessons that transcend the modern physical world to an elevated plane of existence where great wonders abound.

"These philosophers managed to bend the physical laws of the universe and harness that collective power to create their own astonishing abilities," said Baker. "The goal of this book is to make this knowledge easily accessible to anyone."

The website offers more information about the book, the author's life and reviews from readers. If You Knew This One Thing You Could Know and Do Everything is available in print, eBook (digital) and audiobook.

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About William G. Baker
William G. Baker is not a scientist, a theologian, a guru or a psychic. For over fifty years, Baker has been a traveler with a mission to explore higher awareness in consciousness. As an explorer, he documented and shared his findings with his closest friends and family, who in turn shared them with others. Soon, they all urged him to publish his astonishing findings so that they would be made available to the world.



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