Authors Release New Title Around Controversial Topic


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Authors Angela Hood and Daphne Cayo are pleased to announce the recent publication of their book entitled ‘Family Secrets’. The subject matter of the book has raised some eyebrows in a few conservative corners, as the book deals with a rather controversial subject in the United States; family sexual abuse.

The book covers loss, domestic violence, sexual abuse, compromised family dynamics, the impact of socio-economic factors on the family unit, and faith. It resonates strongly with the women’s interests and social issues.

Angela Hood is a Pastor, Psychology Student (Masters at Nova Southeastern University) and a sexual abuse survivor herself. As April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, the authors wish to alert readers to this condition in many homes, unseen and unknown.

While the book reveals a tangled family situation brought on by the death and subsequent absence of an aging mother, a pair of adult sister’s story of sexual abuse unfolds for the reader. An unemployed husband forces himself on one of the daughters’ children for many years, and the reader is brought face-to-face with the horror of sexual abuse within a family.

The authors have expressed that the main intent of the novel is to bring attention to the fact that there are indeed many ‘Family Secrets’ such as this one that lurk like vultures over families, undermining the serenity of victim-children and causing ruined lives, all the while never being revealed to the world.

If there is a moral to such stories, perhaps it is that no one emerges as a winner form such conditions, and the authors have taken great pains to make this evident in the book.

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