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AUTISM Sleeps: Ground-Breaking New Book Provides Effective Sensory Strategies to Help Restless Minds Sleep

Written by renowned Occupational Therapist, Ileana S. McCaigue, OTR/L, ‘AUTISM Sleeps: Sensory Strategies to Help Restless Minds Sleep!’ serves as a definitive sleep manual for persons with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Specific Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delays and other disabilities with sensory processing difficulties, as well as those who struggle with an overactive mind. Inspired by the overturning of the author’s own sleep cycles following a near-fatal car accident, McCaigue’s professional expertise and personal experiences are fused into a vitally-powerful resource.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Atlanta, Georgia – While the stresses and strains of modern-day life prevent billions of people from getting the sleep they deserve, those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other disorders with sensory processing problems as a component often endure a lifetime of debilitating sleep problems.

Having worked as a therapist since 1977, Georgia’s Ileana S. McCaigue has spent over three decades observing the detriments poor sleeping patterns have brought her clients. After suffering a mild head injury in 2002 and being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Hypersomnia (a form of Narcolepsy), McCaigue was forced to re-learn her sleeping habits. Combining this intense adjustment with her established professional experience, McCaigue is delighted to be announcing a book that can help individuals, especially those with disabilities, finally sleep.

Synopsis of ‘AUTISM Sleeps: Sensory Strategies to Help Restless Minds Sleep!’:

AUTISM SLEEPS… is an easy-to-read manual of sleep information and methods for helping persons with sensory processing difficulties, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, achieve an overall healthy sleep experience. It also serves as a thorough resource of sensory sleep strategies and suggestions for preparing the "sleep environment".

AUTISM SLEEPS... provides checklists to identify which of the six sensory areas are impacted by poor sleep. A menu of sensory strategies in each affected area is available for use in preparing a person to sleep, stay asleep and transition to wake up. Sample bedtime and wake-up routines are also provided as templates, especially to guide parents of children with sleep difficulties.

Additionally, a diary and graphs are available for logging the impact of the strategies implemented to determine those that are most effective in helping restless minds sleep.

As the author explains, her book introduces numerous new strategies that all should consider exploring.

“In order for persons to overcome their sleep problems, they should be open-minded and willing to try strategies even if they think they might not have an impact. It is only through this type of mentality that holistic in combination with more traditional sensory strategies will help them,” says McCaigue.

Continuing, “While initially written for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the strategies and behaviors in my book can be applied by anyone. Millions of people suffer with a restless mind – hopefully my book can give them the baby-like, deep sleep they need!”

The book is unique in the marketplace due to the author’s own successful use of its methods.

“I’m not just putting on my professional hat. I have personally implemented many of the strategies in the book over the past ten years. I was always an excellent sleeper but, after suffering multiple fractures and a head injury in a car accident, all my sleeping habits and cycles suddenly turned on their head. I was forced to essentially re-learn how to sleep properly. The additional knowledge that I gained as a wellness consultant served to enhance the development of essential sensory strategies that became part of my book. I hope these elements of nature and universal strategies will help others to get healthy sleep as much as they have helped me,” McCaigue adds.

Early reviews for the book have been impressive. For example, Beatrice Santeili, M.S., a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist comments, "As a specialist in child development, I often treat families of children with disabilities. While Ms. McCaigue's informative and comprehensive manual is written specifically for those children, I see many applications that apply to any child, teen and adult. I will certainly encourage my clients to purchase her book, and implement those sleep strategies that pertain to any family member with sleep difficulties."

Expected to be in huge demand, interested readers are urged to purchase the book as soon as possible after its launch.

‘AUTISM Sleeps: Sensory Strategies to Help Restless Minds Sleep!’ is due for imminent release. Copies will be available through the author’s own website at http://www.HOTRxTools.com, and through other specialty catalog companies.

About Ileana S. McCaigue
A 1977 summa cum laude graduate from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia, Ileana S. McCaigue, OTR/L, is a nationally certified/ registered and licensed Occupational Therapist, author, program developer, and educator with over 30 years of experience. Her professional expertise includes the continuum of care ranging from the neonatal intensive care unit to pediatric concerns in the home, school and community, especially with regards to sensory strategy interventions and implementation for a variety of behavioral concerns.

Ileana works with Special Education students in public schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels who require related services. She provides direct and consultative support to teachers and students to help meet their Individualized Education Program objectives.

Ileana also sees private clients with special needs to provide pediatric to adolescent services, such as home and community based treatment as needed including sensory integration therapy, interactive metronome and other sensory-brain based interventions to improve preferred behaviors.

Ileana was the recipient of the Barbara S. Grant Award from the Georgia O.T. Association for her dedication and lifetime of outstanding service, as well as a recipient of the Maddak Award in the area of physical disability.