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Autism Treatment Breakthrough - Glutathione


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- Glutathione has been hailed as the body’s master antioxidant for years. It is the foundation for life, vital to the well-being of every cell on the planet. Recently the cognitive and neurodevelopmental benefits of Glutathione have been looked at in association with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism and Acetyl Glutathione

Glutathione is one of the most crucial components in our body’s fight against oxidative damage and the accumulation of toxins. It is the most important and powerful antioxidant in the body, present in every cell. However nearly everyone is deficient in this miraculous antioxidant, leading to an increasing number of people suffering from oxidative brain damage and countless other health conditions.

Glutathione deficiency has an enormous impact on brain health and neurological development, but it is also the keystone of our immune function. Because children with Autism have a significantly decreased level of Glutathione, they are extremely vulnerable to illness, disease and infection.

Acetyl Glutathiones benefits to our neurological development and health make it easy to understand why it has quickly become one of the focuses for Autism treatment worldwide.

There have been numerous breakthroughs on Glutathione and Autism treatment, improving behavioral symptoms as well as significantly improving the overall health of Autistic children.

By preventing and repairing oxidative damage to the brain, Glutathione aids in the neurodevelopment of a child. This increase in the health and function of the brain is a huge boon to Autistic patients, improving their well-being as well as helping to treat the symptoms associated with Autism and other neurological disorders.

More on Glutathione and Autism

The best way to directly enhance Glutathione levels is to supplement with a very specific form of GSH known as Acetyl Glutathione.

About N Acetylcysteine and Autism
N Acetylcysteine or NAC is a natural precursor to Glutathione synthesis. A recent study found that children supplementing with NAC showed an 80% improvement in “irritability scores”. The reduction in irritability is a direct reflection of a healthy brain, improving the mood of the children while fortifying their vulnerable immune system.

Glutathione and NAC have proven to be extremely beneficial for children and adults with Autism.

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