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Auto Fraud Attorney Firm Johnson and Biscone Assists People Who've Fallen Prey to Shady Car Deals


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- There’s a lot for consumers to be wary of when buying a new or used car from a dealership. Sales people may use unfamiliar jargon during the selling process and contracts are often full of terminology that’s difficult for the average buyer to understand. In the end, people may sign a contract without full knowledge of the terms and find themselves with a vehicle that doesn’t meet their expectations. That’s where auto fraud attorney firm Johnson and Biscone comes in.

Attorneys at Johnson and Biscone have decades of experience protecting their clients in cases of personal injury and wrongful death. They’ve now expanded their practice to offer advocacy for people who may be the victims of auto fraud at http://oklalegal.com/auto-fraud/. The firm’s nationally known experts in this new area of law have already successfully represented many clients. “We believe dealerships should not be getting away with defrauding customers, and we are aggressively pursuing them in order to hold the dealerships responsible for the fraudulent contract inclusions,” a representative of the firm said.

Unsuspecting buyers can easily fall victim to auto fraud. Many vehicle purchase contracts include costs for upgrades and products that are not actually included on the vehicle. For example, a buyer may pay for protective leather coating but never know if it was ever actually applied. People may also be overpaying due to hidden or unnecessary items in contracts such as extended warranties, gap insurance, over-financing or add-ons that never actually make it onto the car.

Johnson and Biscone at http://oklalegal.com can help protect people across the country from auto fraud. A skilled attorney will review the auto purchase contract and determine if fraud has occurred. If it has, they take immediate action against the dealership in defense of their clients.

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Attorneys at Johnson and Biscone, P.A. are passionate about protecting their clients’ interests and rights and strive to get them the compensation they deserve. With more than 75 years of combined experience, their attorneys have helped people throughout Oklahoma and across the country with all types of personal injury or wrongful death cases. As a result of their aggressive pursuit to get the best results, their clients have been awarded thousands, and in some cases, even millions of dollars. For more information, visit: http://oklalegal.com

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