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Auto Glass Fitters Asks Drivers to Check Their Brakes This Winter


Eynon, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2018 -- Auto Glass Fitters wants their customers to check their brakes this winter. They also want people to have a clear windshield — that's why they offer mobile windshield repair service in Yardley and the surrounding areas. Having quality brakes is one of the best things people can do to ensure a safe ride when they are driving in any weather, but it is especially important to verify that they are in good repair during the winter months.

Winter weather is much more demanding on brakes and brake pads. They need to be able to stop harder and faster to counteract the lubrication from the moisture caused by the winter weather. It can be difficult for to tell when brakes are unable to hold up against the winter conditions, but there are a couple of preventative measures that drivers can take to make sure that their brakes are working at maximum capacity.

One part of the brake that drivers should be checking is their brake pads. These are the parts of the brake that do the heavy lifting, so making sure that they are in good condition can spell the difference between effectively stopping or significant sliding. People can determine whether or not their brake pads are up to snuff by listening for squealing, feeling for strange sensations while braking, or noticing uneven braking patterns.

Another part of the braking system that people can check is the brake fluid. This fluid helps in causing effective braking and transfer of force. This is an easy check that people with no car experience can do by checking the fluid level under the hood.

Drivers who find their brakes in need of repair or replacement this winter should visit their local body shop. For those who need window replacement or back windshield repair service in Yardley and the surrounding areas, turn to Auto Glass Fitters.

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