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Auto Insurance California Discusses Affordable Car Insurance: How to Get Cheaper Insurance Rates with the Best Protection from Top Insurance Companies

A new car insurance service has launched online for consumers across the US nation. The website that promises to bring savings to drivers across America is now out of its testing phase and ready for public use.


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- Car insurance can be very expensive. With Car Insurance Quotes US, visitors to the site are able to compare quotes online in 3 easy steps. All that's needed to get started is a zip code. No personal information is required to use the website. It's clear that consumers have the advantage with an anonymous tool that promises to provide the privacy users are looking for online today.

Many drivers haven't compared insurance quotes in years. In many cases this is because they feel no savings are available. Another reason is the fear that a call to their insurance company might actually raise their rates rather than lower them. With Car Insurance Quotes US, it's easy to see what possible savings may be available without any sales calls or emails.

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Demystifying the sometimes overcomplicated car insurance industry in one simple list rather than long forms has proven the most effective way to approach insurance quotes online. The website clearly presents visitors to the site with the top insurance companies in their area along with available discounts and incentives and other useful comparison data. The user can then click through to take advantage of each insurer's offers and compare rates. The more quotes compared, the better the chance of savings as many of the insurers offer more discounts throughout the no-obligation quoting process.

How does it work?

Drivers looking to compare car insurance online are able to save in 3 easy steps:

1. Visit the site at and enter their zip code to get the top providers and discounts in their state.

2. Compare the competitive offers and benefits to each insurer outlined in the listings.

3. Click 'Get Quotes' on one or all of the companies listed if desired and get multiple quotes & ensure the best savings.

For drivers who haven't compared insurance quotes in over a year, the average savings is over $460 due to new insurance rules and discounts. Many drivers do not realize that changes in their personal lives such as location, age, or what car they drive to name a few can have a huge impact on their insurance rates.

Comparing car insurance quotes online with a trusted provider is an essential strategy in saving money, not only in today's economy but just because it makes sense and is now easier than ever to do.

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The company supplies immediate price reviews for vehicle insurance plans over the Internet. This company networks with providers to locate the best annual prices for full coverage or liability plans. The company supports daily use of its national locator system to display pricing to motor vehicle owners. The company support for vehicle insurance, auto parts and other purchased services is helping more consumers over the Internet this year.