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Auto Insurance Companies Discounts Now Featured in Statewide Search Tool Online

Auto insurance companies discounts can now be located using the national price tool at the website. A better list of markdowns for policies is featured on the website


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- A new source of insurance agency discount pricing is now featured at the CAI website for car owners to review. There are now auto insurance companies discounts that are found inside the statewide agency finder built at

The marked down pricing that is now supplied by agencies that are positioned in the search finder is expected to remain through the close of this year. The special rates information that is now presented to car owners is based on the zip codes that are inputted into the finder to explore agency rates.

"We've built one of the first secure and totally private tools to review insurer pricing on a national level and drivers can access the data using a variety of ways," said one rep.

Buying insurance packages at the state level is one way that some auto owners save money when comparing costs nationally. Because lesser known companies can have lower premiums, the database now setup to find discounts can present these companies to drivers. A list of rates for full coverage, liability or SR22 plans can now be reviewed.

"A person who is hoping to cut out the rising insurance costs for a renewal policy can explore our system to connect with top insurers discounting popular plans," said the rep.

The company website is now a secure source of finding updated price data for a variety of packages meant for consumers to review. The automobile, life, health and homeowner quotations that are now delivered are keeping the public informed of insurer industry pricing.

How does it work?

Drivers can get free no-obligation car insurance quotes in 3 easy steps:

1. Visit the website at and enter their zip code.
2. Compare discounts available in the listings with insurance companies across the nation.
3. Click on at least 3 results to ensure the best savings which can be up to 70%.

How does it work?

Visitors can get free no-obligation quotes in three easy steps

1. Visit the website at and enter their zip code
2. Review possible savings from insurance providers in the location based listings
3. Click on at least 3 providers for free quotes and save from 30-70%

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The online company aims to help consumers get cheaper quotes from a range of local and national insurance companies that provide discounts through their listings to help them save on car insurance. Continually revising their offers and discounts as well as adding new providers to keep their results at a high success rate of savings has led to them become one of the leading websites across the US for auto insurance quotes.

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