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Auto Insurance Prices from Nationwide Agencies Updated to Include Full Coverage Options at California Auto Insurance Company Website and Gives Its Customers Chance to Win an Ipad Mini Til 15 July 2014

Auto insurance prices from nationwide agencies are now modified at the website for full coverage plans. Drivers seeking less expensive policies can now access this pricing.


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Acquiring rates for vehicle insurance can be time-consuming for consumers who choose to contact companies using regular telephones. The Auto Insurance California company is now improving research for auto insurance prices for adding national agencies to its quotation tool now at

The prices that are now available are set up to nearly eliminate all external research that motorists typically conduct using offline methods for insurance purposes. The national quotation tool now actively separates rates by state and uses a zip code locator service to display new price data.

"The auto insurer partners delivering the quoted rates inside of our free to use system are known companies and are licensed in multiple states," said a source.

The auto industry in the U.S. has changed over the past two decades as more types of vehicles are being produced with high performance motors. Because these vehicles can require different levels of insurance coverage, the price data now displayed by the Auto Insurance California company lookup tool includes customized insurer plans.

"Owners of cars, hybrid vehicles, trucks, vans and SUVs can access our search platform easily to begin comparing American insurer prices online," said the source.

The California Auto Insurance company has improved the platforms for displaying insurer prices this year and now showcases more policy brands. The automobile, renters, business, life and homeowner policies now available are instantly quoted

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The company supplies immediate price reviews for vehicle insurance plans over the Internet. This company networks with providers to locate the best annual prices for full coverage or liability plans. The company supports daily use of its national locator system to display pricing to motor vehicle owners. The company support for vehicle insurance, auto parts and other purchased services is helping more consumers over the Internet this year.