Auto Insurance Website Brings Customers the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes on the internet- Past Customers Give Glowing Reviews


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2011 -- has inspired thousands of people to save time and money on car insurance by allowing them to compare quotes from top-rated insurance companies online. Customers can save up to $450 on their car insurance by filling out a simple online form. Within minutes, provides free, no-obligation quotes from a number of insurance companies, giving customers the opportunity to find the cheapest auto insurance.

The easy-to-use form requires basic information and takes less than five minutes to complete. The first step requests vehicle information, including the year, make, model and whether the car is owned, leased or financed. It also asks vehicle usage questions, including the primary and estimated usage, if it is kept in a garage and the customer zip code.

The second step of the online form requests driver information ranging from name, gender and age to marital status and education. In addition, it requires license and driving history.

The third and final step requires current insurance information, including company name, liability limits, expiration date and length of insurance. It also inquires about the type of insurance that is desired. It provides a list of bodily injury and property damage limits, as well as deductable information to assure is thoroughly meeting the needs of its customers and providing the cheapest car insurance quotes possible.

According to Martin Richards from, auto insurance companies offer some of the best incentives to new customers. He says this is what makes the online car insurance resource not only appropriate for people who are purposely looking for a new auto insurance policy, but also for those who are not currently in the market.

“Nowadays, insurance companies will do almost anything to win new customers. Being loyal is good, but not when it comes to car insurance,” said Gueorguiev. “Most customers see their rates increase year after year, while new customers are often rewarded with special discount rates. You may be surprised how much you can save by switching insurers.” also provides a list of ways to ensure customers are finding the cheapest car insurance. The site recommends customers: provide accurate vehicle and driving history; compare quotes based on the same level of coverage; and make sure to ask for extra discounts.

Additionally, the site offers comprehensive information regarding cheap auto insurance in each state. For example, customers can choose “Cheap Car Insurance Nevada” to learn what the state requires, what aspects to take into account and the latest news.

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