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Auto Recruiting Platform - New Platform Integrates Text Messaging Into Business Marketing Strategy

Auto Recruiting Platform provides a new way to market businesses and brands by offering a different way to interact with customers, via SMS.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2013 -- Today, clients and customers receive nearly countless emails with sales pitches, with no time to read them all. Most of the time, these get deleted. Auto Recruiting Platform provides a different strategy for building a business and brand in a market that is constantly shifting. The platform addresses the dilemmas of email marketing and changing markets, using SMS to drive new business. By maintaining a list of targeted opted-in mobile numbers, it allows businesses to communicate via text messaging, a more personal and effective means for interaction.

The platform is beneficial because it makes creating an SMS marketing campaign simple. Since text messaging is the dominant form of communication among many target customers, businesses can actually find a way to expand and profit. Getting more people to visit a website has been proven to drive sales, and the system helps to do this as well. Additional revenue, a higher rate of client or partner acquisition, and the ability to start a new marketing campaign are just a few benefits.

In addition, Auto Recruiting Platform enables one to incorporate the newest web tools to reach out to audiences. Brand recognition and communication is yet another perk, while the system also encourages customers to purchase upgrades to products. Business professionals also have a social platform to work with that engages all parties involved and gets them excited about the brand. The platform, therefore, is cutting edge in that it gives brands support in the new economic and social climate emerging in the current digital era. It has become custom for someone to have their mobile phone within reach, checking for SMS messages; the product feeds off of this desire to promote business growth.

One does not have to be a seasoned professional to benefit. Engineered to make it simpler to recruit others into a business, Auto Recruiting Platform is suited for even novice users. The text messages reach customers in seconds so results may be seen much faster. People at any level of business experience can see their income go up so they can start living more comfortably. For more information on Auto Recruiting Platform, please follow

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Auto Recruiting Platform ( is website that provides a new and unique method to market businesses and brands and this by offering a very different way to interact and communicate with customers.