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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Auto Traffic Trends is a set of advanced traffic generation Wordpress plugin only used by advanced marketers. The Auto Traffic Trends plugin are responsible for boosting traffics, visitor rates and segmenting most valuable leads without any interference of to lead funnels and sales processes. Please visit or click the following:

Within the realm of Internet Marketing lies the niche. Marketing to a targeted list of prospects via email has become a highly popular method by virtue of its empirical profit-generating success.

Auto Traffic Trends is a brand new program which is confident it will contribute substantially to affiliates websites.

Simply stated, Auto Traffic Trends is a plugin that has bundled proven and powerful traffic generation techniques which makes the traffic management process easy for its users. It is also 1-click social friendly.

It’s so freaky to warn you about it. Now what does Google want to get massive traffic?

- Curated content
- Social signals
- Using Google properties
- Good internal link structure

The money is in the trends, not in the exhaustive keyword research which is getting harder and harder to do, but after today you’ll only seethe massive potential in making site with instant ranking and sale with Auto Traffic Trends.

The product comes in the form of 2 bonus, each of which will be new to most internet marketers.

- A dynamo SEO guide so you know how to use all the potential and know not only the power built in, but how to take SEO to the next level.
- An awesome No Pitch Webinar so you can take this to the next level and it will be recorded

Creators Ricky Mataka claim that the Auto Traffic Trends product is nothing less than a giveaway of longstanding "guru" methods that the actual gurus use for themselves without ever revealing in their products and seminars.

About Ricky Mataka
Ricky Mataka is a certified PHP engineer. He completed work on several sophisticated commerce and custom business model solutions for various companies. Even though he loved programming but he never forgotten his orginal goals of making lots of money online. Ricky met Mike Filsaime and joined his team in 2008. He developed many internal company projects and aided on various launches, at the same time they developed applications like and

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