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Auto Transport Company Increases Size of Staff to Meet Demands of Business and Offer Even Better Customer Service


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2011 -- At some point in their lives, many people will need to arrange to have a vehicle shipped to another location. From a moving to a new home, to purchasing a car off of an auction site, or helping an elderly relative move his or her vehicle to another area of the country, there are a variety of reasons why people seek out auto transport services.

Although auto shipping is often thought of as a stressful and costly experience, a company based in Washington state is doing all it can to make the entire process as smooth and inexpensive as possible.

In fact, Evergreen Auto Transport has been so busy helping its many satisfied customers arrange for their cars to be shipped from point A to point B all around the nation, it recently increased the size of its staff to take care of its customers and their needs even quicker and more efficiently. As the website explained, part of this outstanding customer service begins when a potential client calls for the very first time.

“When you call us about your auto shipping, we answer the phone – we have live agents ready to give you auto shipping quotes for all your car transport needs,” the website explained.

“If you call looking for an auto transport quote, we will talk to you about your auto shipping needs and work with you to provide you with the best auto shipping quote and provide your car shipping prices right on the spot.”

Evergreen Auto Transport offers traditional auto shippers services—featuring an open auto carrier that have vehicles stacked up on the top and bottom—as well as enclosed transport options for more expensive, exotic or classic cars.

For customers who need an extra large or heavy vehicle moved to a new location, Evergreen Auto Transport can arrange to find a flatbed to move it. Motorcycles, classic cars, recreational vehicles, ATV’s, and even boats are all no problem for the company.

In addition, as the website explained, if a client needs to arrange auto shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, the newly-increased staff at Evergreen Auto Transport will be happy to help provide a quote.

“Our connections with the ports in Seattle and Los Angeles allow us to offer shipping to Alaska and Hawaii at a much lower price than most other companies, and our representatives know the ins and outs of shipping overseas,” the website noted.

For more information on Evergreen Auto Transport, please visit http://www.autoshippingforu.com