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Auto Wear Advises on the Difference Between Floor Mats and Liners


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- When it comes to protecting a car’s factory flooring and carpeting, drivers have three choices: factory floor mats, custom car floor mats or custom floor liners. What is the difference between the three, and how can consumers make a wise choice? Auto Wear, a company that distributes quality rubber floor mats for cars as well as custom floor mats in a variety of carpet materials, discusses the difference among the three and reveals the advantages and disadvantages of each.

According to the experts at Auto Wear, factory floor mats are the least desirable choice and may actually be the most expensive. Factory floor mats provide less protection and can cost as much or more than custom-made quality car mats from Auto Wear.

Custom-made floor liners are also available. Floor liners pose a few problems: they tend to be bulky, difficult to install and very expensive. Creating a custom, one-piece floor liner for a vehicle can cost hundreds of dollars and can be extremely difficult for the average car owner to remove, clean and replace.

On the other hand, choosing a car floor mat from a company like Auto Wear can actually be a better bargain and certainly provides more protection than most factory mats. Custom fit car mats from Auto Wear are specifically designed to fit in a car’s interior and to anchor securely with a unique, patented system that keeps them from slipping. Auto Wear offers all-weather floor mats for cars in both carpeting and rubber styles to meet every need.

For drivers who want better floor protection and appearance than that offered by factory mats, as well as an easier and more cost-effective solution than a whole-floor liner, custom auto mats by Auto Wear may be the answer. Available in everything from Berber carpet to RubberTite impermeability, these mats can be customized to make any vehicle look its best while protecting against the elements.

About Auto Wear
Auto Wear is a family-based business in West Chester, Pennsylvania, that offers online shopping and free shipping for custom fitted car floor mats by Lloyd Mats, the industry’s leader in quality carpeting and rubber floor mat products. With fast delivery and friendly customer service, Auto Wear offers the best possible floor mats for all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. Guaranteed to last for the life of the vehicle and equipped with unique, patented locking systems to prevent dangerous slippage, Lloyd Mats by Auto Wear are the industry’s leading custom floor mats with thousands of satisfied owners.

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