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Auto Wear Offers Lloyd's RubberTite Mats for Working Vehicles

For customers who need heavy-duty floor mat protection, Lloyd’s RubberTite™ system may be the most dirt- and moisture-resistant mats available. Auto Wear, a custom floor mat company, offers Lloyd’s products including RubberTite™ mat systems.


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Auto Wear offers many types of custom car floor mats to protect the carpeting and floor of a car or truck. Many of these quality car mats can be custom-designed for a perfect fit and add beauty and luxury to any vehicle.

However, for vehicles used in the course of work or for hauling heavy or wet loads on a regular basis, there is a greater need for protection. Auto Wear offers rubber floor mats for cars that protect from spills, water, snow, ice, salt and dirt no matter how the vehicle is used. These all-weather floor mats for cars and trucks are tough and durable and can stand up to heavy-duty use.

Auto Wear uses Lloyd’s RubberTite™ system for its heavy-duty floor mats. RubberTite™ custom-fit floor mats contain a pattern of wells across the surface to trap water, mud, spills and dirt without bulky sidewalls. The design of the wells makes them easy to clean with a hose. Each mat is custom made to fit a specific vehicle using computer-design technology. Many mats can be engineered in a single piece for the ultimate front-to-back and side-to-side coverage. All mats contain an anchor hook to secure them to the vehicle’s floor.

The unique design of the RubberTite™ mat system means that customers no longer have to worry about dirt or moisture getting into the carpets or flooring of a car or truck. The system allows vehicle owners to quickly unhook the mats, take the out and hose them off, allow them to dry and then replace them easily. This simple system allows vehicle owners to deal immediately with large spills or amounts of snow, ice, mud or water. The RubberTite™ mat system is guaranteed not to crack or break and is flexible enough to stand up to years of hard use.

Auto Wear offers Lloyd’s RubberTite™ mat systems in several colors, including:

- Black
- Grey
- Tan
- Ivory
- White
- Pink
- Red
- Yellow
- Burgundy
- Blue
- Brown
- Crystal Clear™

Auto Wear can offer cargo, truck and deck patterns to fit every part of a car, truck, SUV or Mini Van. Once Auto Wear installs Lloyd’s RubberTite™ system of heavy-duty floor mats, Lloyd’s warrants against defective materials and workmanship for the life of the vehicle.

About Auto Wear
Auto Wear offers custom car floor mat fabrication for all types of vehicles. With custom fit car mats, customers can protect their vehicle investment and keep their cars, trucks, vans and SUVs looking great for years. All mats are designed to fit precisely in a customer’s vehicle and are warranted for the life of the vehicle against defects in materials or workmanship. Auto Wear can help customers preserve their vehicles and keep them looking good for years with easy-to-clean custom car mats.

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