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Car Owners Sing Praises of TalkToMyMechanic’s Auto Repair Advice


Arvada, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2011 -- Car owners around the country are singing the praises of TalkToMyMechanic™, a service that puts owners on the phone with ASE Certified Master mechanics for live auto repair advice. While this service was previously sold and bundled to select groups only, it is now available to everyone with free and paid subscriber options available.

TalkToMyMechanic™ was developed to bridge the communication gap between car owners and mechanics by providing them with ASE Certified mechanics to help validate the diagnosis of virtually any car problem. The dreaded check engine light conjures the worst fears of most drivers and it takes a highly trained mechanic to accurately deduce the problem. Less than half of the more than 750,000 mechanics in the U.S. have any technical certifications and only about one out of 10 has gained enough technical certifications to earn the Master Mechanic designation. “Our goal is to ensure that the best mechanics are just a phone call away to help diagnose car problems and advise consumers at an affordable or even free price,” said a TalkToMyMechanic™ representative.

These ASE-Certified Master Technicians come from different parts of the country and have 20 to 40+ years of industry experience. To have access to these experts, car owners merely sign up online for one of three subscriber levels of service. A free subscription provides one free consult per year and access to the Website’s extensive information videos. A $19.00 second tier gives two consults and a $20 voucher for repairs at an affiliated TalkToMyMechanic™ repair shop. A VIP level provides four consults and a $40 repair voucher for $37.00. Every one of the 44,900 affiliated shops stand behind their work with a written, loop-hole-free, repair-specific warranty that covers both the parts and labor costs for 12 months or 12,000 miles throughout the United States.

Subscribers merely call a toll-free number and talk live to an ASE-certified mechanic that is standing by to offer advice about what to do next. “When your car won’t start, our mechanics offer general or emergency advice and help protect subscribers from misdiagnosis and unnecessary repairs that cost money and time.”

The certified mechanics of TalkToMyMechanic™ can help verify the diagnosed problems ranging from transmission repair, blown head gasket, muffler repair, wheel alignment, alternator problems and everything that affects the car’s drivability. Most importantly, they do this with clear, patient and effective communication that eliminates frustration and potentially saves thousands of dollars in misdiagnosed repair costs. “Our technicians can assess the problem and localized cost considerations in an unbiased way so the subscriber knows exactly what t to do and what is going on,” said the representative.

For more information, please visit http://www.talktomymechanic.com