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American Auto Shipping Ends the Debate on Which is Cheaper: Driving an Automobile Long Distance or Auto Shipping


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2011 -- American Auto Shipping has been in the auto shipping business for more than a decade and understands that educated consumers make the best customers. Consequently, ending the debate on which is cheaper—driving a vehicle long distance or utilizing an auto transport company—is a long overdue discussion.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans need to transport vehicles long distance for a variety of reasons in any given year. Whatever the reason, most people debate on whether to drive or utilize auto transport and which is cheaper. According to an American Auto Shipping specialist, the choice is really pretty clear cut:

“When the average person factors in gas, lodging, general and emergency maintenance, food and the massive reduction in the life of the car, they are often looking at a figure well over one thousand dollars. These same factors apply to almost every scenario where an automobile is being moved from one location to another by driving it.”

The specialist went on to say that conversely, auto shipping, when all factors are considered such as carrier, distance, time of year, closed or open transport and any extras that the owner may want, can often be as much as 25 percent less expensive than driving the vehicle yourself. “A lack of understanding of the transport process as well as how to find the best auto transport brokerage may stop them from saving money and time as they reduce the stress on themselves and the automobile,” said the specialist

According to the specialist, auto shippers (or carriers) actually move the vehicles while auto transport brokers parse the numerous carriers for the best deal, security and reputation, then act as intermediary for the customer. “Because of our greater experience with carriers and dealing in potentially greater volume, we can negotiate a much better price than an individual customer,” said the specialist.

Still, customers must carefully scrutinize service claims and company background beginning at the Better Business Bureau and Transport Reviews (transportreviews.com). “We guarantee the highest quality in the industry by customizing the relocation to the individual customer and help them understand how timing and options can affect price,” said the specialist.

American Auto Shipping offers its customers ten free instant quotes from its large pool of reputable and trustworthy auto shippers throughout the entire United States. All auto transport companies are fully licensed and bonded, and the carriers that they use are all fully insured and carry at least $750,000 worth of insurance on their truck to cover any and all potential damages. For more information, please visit http://www.americanautoshipping.com/