AutoAwards Truly Puts Dealerships in the Driver's Seat with Keep It Local Program

Dealerships Become the Conduit to Shopping Dollars Spent Locally


Odessa, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2016 -- AutoAwards currently has 3.5 million members enrolled in dealer loyalty programs throughout the United States and Canada. Members earn loyalty points that can be redeemed at more than 350 participating dealerships, and the Keep it Local program allows them to also go to thousands of hand selected local merchants to receive exclusive discounts and savings on a daily basis.

"Dealerships are acting like a local Chamber of Commerce," says Chandler Greene, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, "connecting their members to local brick-and-mortar merchants such as restaurants, florists, dry cleaners and more. This is a powerful way for dealerships to make a meaningful impact in their community and provide value for the customers."

Dealerships who offer AutoAwards dealer loyalty programs to customers are empowered to hand select local merchants to become part of this interconnected network. It costs the merchants nothing to participate and, in response, they offer special deals for consumers who have an automotive loyalty program keycard from the participating dealership – and gain their business.

"This is an opportunity," adds Greene, "for dealerships to become the heartbeat of their local economy. It also provides creative opportunities for dealerships to sponsor food drives, host local events and otherwise make a significant difference in their communities. The Keep it Local program truly is unique in its co-branding and its impact on participating communities."

If you are a local merchant who is interested in participating, contact AutoAwards today to be connected with the appropriate dealerships in your area. Dealerships who are interested in becoming the Grand Central Station of their area should also contact AutoAwards to find out more about the automotive loyalty program that drives this local economic momentum.

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