Autobiography & Memoir by John Heffernan Brings the Last Governor Diaries to Life

The book is dedicated to the nine correctional officers killed on duty including those who have died after being assaulted on duty in the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services.


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- The New South Wales correctional system is the largest prison system in Australia. In John Heffernan's sequel to 'The Last Governor' (ISBN #9781742843919), former Governor John Heffernan again goes behind the scenes of the Australian NSW prison system in a story of some very dangerous prisoners and a few very ordinary correctional officers. The Last Governor Diaries is published by BookPal Publishing in Australia.

John Heffernan attained the rank of Superintendent in his service to NSW Corrections. For his last ten years of service he was appointed to manage a number of NSW correctional centres. During this period of service he worked in all areas of the department including Prison Industries and Prison Operations. He served for three years with the New South Wales Department of Juvenile Justice as a Unit Manager. He has an Associate Diploma in Criminal Justice (Charles Sturt University) and was awarded the National Medal for Service, the Twenty Year Service Medal and the Twenty Five Year and Thirty Year Service Clasps.

'The Last Governor Diaries' is a virtual record of the author’s thirty year journey through the NSW Department of Corrective Services. The book reveals the many remarkable characters John Heffernan meets along the way.

Frightening yet, at times, humorous 'The Last Governor Diaries' provides a unique insight into the closed and unseen world that exists behind the imposing high walls of the state’s prison system. The intriguing read is a reminder that not all those charged with law enforcement are necessarily saints while not all those who break the law are complete sinners.

The author takes the reader behind the bars of the high imposing walls for an up close and candid look at how it all works. An excerpt from the book: “On the night of October 10, Mr. Mills left his home so that, as a citizen of this community, he might earn his living, maintain his home and his wife. He arrived at his workplace, but left it as a corpse with his head smashed in. He never returned to his home, he never saw his wife again, those who loved him never saw him again and those whom he loved, he never saw again because two escaped convicts, armed, one with a baseball bat, the other with a cricket stump, killed him.” These are the words of Justice McClemens, prior to passing sentence on Kevin Simmonds and Leslie Newcombe after they were found guilty of the murder of prison officer Cecil Mills, March 18, 1960.

"The Last Governor Diaries" is 310 pages and is a revealing autobiographical memoir that brings to life an area often unseen by public eyes.

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