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Re-tweet services from have been helping businesses and entrepreneurs promote their brands


Jerusalem, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- Venturing into the vast and fast growing world of social media advertising tools was the first step that took towards boosting readability of their customers on social media, especially twitter. Over the years, the company has been helping various businesses as well as individuals to promote their brands and services on social media using automatic re-tweet services. With auto re-tweets, the road to success in social media just got smoother. Their services allow users to add between 1,000 and 700,000 automatic re-tweets to their twitter accounts. Alternatively, customers can also receive up to 1,500 automatic re-tweets from for every post they send.

Since commencement in 2006, twitter has quickly evolved to a full-blown sharing sensation from the casual social media site it was back then. An increasing number of entrepreneurs and business owners are now realizing the importance of twitter as a visual advertisement tool. Many of them have also been able to promote their brands and services using auto re-tweet services from Creating catchy twitter posts is the first step towards promoting a brand. However, getting twitter users to read the posts can be a lot more challenging. On the other hand, a twitter account that has many followers and many re-tweets depicts an image of quality, strong and interesting content. As such other Twitter users will be interested in following your content.

All this is possible through The company detects your posts automatically and sends auto favorites and re-tweets to your account. All the user has to do is just subscribe to a package on their website. Having an account that has fewer re-tweets implies that the content is boring and nobody will be interested in following the account. This is very bad for any business or entrepreneur who is looking forward to use twitter as a visual advertisement tool. To gain full advantage of this tool, it is advisable to subscribe at found a solution to this follower barrier in automatic favorites. After posting, the company sends many automatic re-tweets to your post. This way, other users will be motivated to read the content that has received so many re-tweets. This gentle push can mean a lot, with regards to social media success for businesses and entrepreneurs.

About is a very innovative company that has been helping tweeter users to strengthen their accounts and get followers. For businesses looking forward to promoting their brands on social media, is the best place to start.