Joe Bragg Lets Visitors Enter Their Zip Code to Save on Car Insurance


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Every driver needs insurance in order to legally drive on America’s roads. But in spite of this fact, few people spend time shopping around for better insurance rates. Some people simply choose the insurance agency that their parents use, while others have worked with the same vehicle insurance agency for their entire lives and do not plan on changing anytime soon.

One website wants to convince drivers to take a different approach. That website is, where visitors can find detailed information about how to save money on car insurance. The website features tips and tricks for comparing different auto insurance companies along with detailed data about the amount of money someone can expect to save by switching insurance providers.

Specifically, the website suggests drivers can save up to $783 per year by shopping around for vehicle insurance through the site. And as a spokesperson for the website explains, all drivers need to do to get started is enter their Zip code:

“We’ve made the auto insurance comparison process as easy as possible for today’s drivers. Instead of forcing drivers to shop around on their own and call agencies in their local area, we’ve simplified the process and put it all under one easy form. To get started, drivers simply submit their Zip code and leave the rest of the work to us.”

After receiving the applicant’s Zip code, the website searches through its database of insurance agencies and selects all insurance agencies from the applicant’s local area. The applicant can browse through the unique features of each insurance company before applying for a quote with the agency of their choice.

Some drivers will want to choose the insurance agency with the lowest annual cost, while others will be focused on choosing an insurance company that offers the highest level of protection. But as the spokesperson for explains, there are hundreds of different ways to compare two insurance agencies:

“No two insurance agencies are alike. Our site tells visitors exactly how to compare auto insurance agencies together in order to save money or get better protection. Good comparison points include the specific coverage and policies offered, as well as customer service. We suggest drivers look up reviews for a particular agency online before making any decisions.”

Whether buying vehicle insurance for the first time or shopping around for a new agency, wants to simplify the comparison process for every driver in America.

About is an auto insurance comparison website. Drivers can type their Zip code into the site in order to receive quotes from auto insurance agencies in their local area. For more information, please visit: