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AutoInsuranceQuery.com Reveals Full History of Lindsay Lohan Driving Disasters, Insurance Blunders


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Car insurance is an essential cost for the majority of drivers throughout the U.S. But given the struggling economy, most drivers are interested in keeping their insurance costs as low as possible. One of the easiest ways for drivers to get cheap car insurance is by driving cautiously and safely and limiting their number of incidences and citations.

One celebrity who has consistently been in the news for her poor driving habits is Lindsay Lohan.

Online auto insurance comparison site AutoInsuranceQuery.com has just revealed a full history of Lindsay Lohan’s auto insurance disasters and how they have contributed to a multitude of fines, a serious spike in her insurance premium and eventually, jail time. The site’s new Lindsay Lohan driving disasters article discusses the star’s long history of issues on the road, including her multiple DUI charges, her suspended license, her numerous hit and run accidents and her array of other driving incidences.

The site also offers a wide range of other insightful articles, including a host of tips on how to save money on car insurance. To save money, the site suggests drivers should ask for multi-car discounts, get anti-theft devices, pay yearly instead of monthly, increase their deductible, move all of their insurance policies to one company, ask for group discounts, lower their insurance limits, keep a good credit history, use EFT payments, take a defensive driving course and more.

According to AutoInsuranceQuery.com, one of the easiest and fastest ways a driver can save money on auto insurance is to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers.

AutoInsuranceQuery.com states, “Shopping around is always the key to getting the best deals, regardless of what you want to buy. You should always be comparing offers and analyzing which one suits you best.”

In addition to featuring informative and interesting articles, AutoInsuranceQuery.com offers an easy-to-use insurance comparison tool that helps drivers save up to 50 percent a year on their car insurance policy. Drivers can simply enter their zip code, their age, select whether or not they are currently insured and indicate whether or not they are a homeowner. Once submitted, the system provides drivers with a list of insurance providers in their area, allowing them to quickly compare quotes.

For more information or to use the site’s free auto insurance comparison tool, visit http://www.autoinsurancequery.com/

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