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Automated Laundry Systems Helps Consumers Save with IPSO Washing Machine

Energy saving washing machine with state of the art technology decreases consumer cost by 32%


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Automated Laundry Systems, is the leading laundry operation specialists in the California market providing innovative solutions to commercial and residential Laundromats. Automated Laundry Systems is pleased to announce the introduction of their new product, the IPSO SmartWAVe Washing Machine, which can help consumers decrease the cost of water consumption by 32%. With energy saving becoming a concern for many people this machine provides the technology to only use the amount of water necessary to completely wash a load of laundry.

The technology behind the IPSO SmartWAVe Washing machine calculates the weight of the linen that is in the washing machine in order to determine the amount of water needed to properly cleanse the load of laundry. Water absorption varies between the types of linen washed and with the weight calculated these washing machines will only consume the necessary amount of water to complete the cycle. The IPSO SmartWAVe Washing Machine will also determine the amount of detergent needed based on the amount of water being used so that your load of laundry has a perfect balance of water and detergent.

Increasing productivity allows the Laundromat to run fast and efficient. The IPSO SmartWAVe Washing Machine also comes with OPT, over-dry prevention technology, to stop the washers from drying the moment the load of laundry is no longer wet. This allows for smother operations and more loads to be completed without the headache of re-setting the timer until the clothes are actually finished being processed.

Maintaining productivity and reducing utility costs are important when running a Laundromat or within a residential space, learn more about Automated Laundry Systems or call 888-875-9556 to schedule an appointment and begin saving money with our eco-friendly product line.

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