Automated WordPress to Drupal Migration Update: SEO Data Included

CMS2CMS, an automated forum and website migration service, is pleased to present each website owner an amazing opportunity. From now on, it is possible to convert not only the website content but also SEO from WordPress CMS to Drupal. CMS2CMS online tool will make the process of migration fully automatedly.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- CMS2CMS online converter announces the advanced possibility to perform WordPress to Drupal migration. With this tool the conversion is flawless and accurate. The possibility not to lose the SEO makes the migration improved and supreme. Moreover, the website owners are also provided with CMS2CMS support before, during and after the switch.

CMS2CMS team has been working constantly and hard to make the process of conversion simpler and more advanced and to entirely satisfy the website owners’ needs. That is why now it is possible to transfer any type of the website content and even to preserve SEO after the migration. Due to the fact that WordPress to Drupal migration is fully automated, the switch will last only a few minutes.

The Items Which Can Be Migrated from WordPress to Drupal

- Pages
Static website content, for instance About us page, will be moved into corresponding Drupal pages.

- Posts
All the posts from WordPress are converted into Drupal ones.

- Categories
After migration, posts will belong to the same category they did before due to the fact that the relations between them are preserved.

- Tags
Tags corresponding to certain posts of the WordPress website.

- Content Images
Images are moved to Drupal with the posts they belonged to on WP site. But it should be mentioned that this feature is optional.

- User Data
The information about users is also converted: username, login, email etc.

- Comments
The post comments, including author name, email and submit date are moved as well.

- Menu Items
Category, tag, content, custom menu items, for example external links.

SEO Migration

The function of SEO data migration permits to keep the current website traffic and ranking after WordPress to Drupal migration. The following SEO items will be converted:
- SEO URLs - the internal WordPress links will be migrated accordingly to the rules of Drupal links format.
- Internal Links - all the links of the text body and categories will be preserved.
- Automated 301 URLs Redirect - automatedly redirects your previous URLs to the new ones to save ranking and visitors.

Opportunity to Save Time and Efforts for Migration

- All-in-One Migration Service - Sometimes to convert WordPress to Drupal also means to make some modifications to the new website. Those people who don’t have time to manage the customizations by their own can request All-in-One Migration Service and CMS2CMS technicians will take care of the transfer.

- Free Migration Setup Assistance - It is possible to get help with establishing the connection between the sites. The CMS2CMS techs will set up the connection bridge on WordPress and Drupal websites. This function is completely no cost.

Find more information on how to migrate WordPress to Drupal by following this link:

CMS2CMS is the automated migration tool that allows its users to migrate their website content from one CMS platform to another as well as supports migration of data between forum platforms. The main goal of this online service is make the migration process fast and flawless for any user, whether they are experts or non technically savvy.

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