Automation: Food Testing at the Verge of Transformation

According to RNCOS, need for flexible, technologically advanced and comprehensive approach indicates high level automation and workflow optimization of food testing labs in near future.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- The rising incidence of food contamination and consequent foodborne illness has generated a lot of hype around food safety turning it into a global health issue. Consequently, producers have started seeking flexible and technologically advanced approaches to test the safety of their food products.

This has compelled researchers to venture into innovations which lead to automation of manual steps in safety testing, resulting in streamlined analytical workflows. Every step of automation reduces chances of human error. In addition, automation makes data centralized allowing for easy access reduces turnaround time and improves results. One such example is the launch of VIDAS and TEMPO, the first automated pathogen detection system and the first automated enumeration system for quality indicators respectively.

Another aspect of the comprehensive approach is workflow optimization. This need can be met by introduction of workflow optimization tools laboratory information management systems, which offer optimized workflow via automatic transfer of work lists, centralized access to results, and automatic export of results to customers, among other benefits.

According to our report, “Global Food Safety Testing Market Analysis”, driven by automation and other factors such as international trade and rising awareness, the market for food safety testing is projected to grow at an enormous growth rate. Globalization of food trade, rising consumer awareness, increased incidence of foodborne diseases and automation in food testing labs are going to be the major drivers for the food testing market.

Among the various segments in food testing, pathogen testing forms a major chunk. In our report, alongwith pathogen testing we have also covered various aspects of other important segments such as GMO and pesticide testing.

We have highlighted key geographical markets such as United States which are adopting high end technological food testing programs and are taking up policy decisions such as FSMA. In comparison, developing nations like India and China are going through a transformation phase, backed by increased spending from the government.

According to our study, emerging trends, regulatory amendments and technological developments are indicative that the industry will experience prodigious growth in the coming future.

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