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AutomationMedia Has Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler Focus on Automation for Food Cold Storage


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, discussed the challenges of cold storage automation in a feature, titled, "viastore systems Leads Automation in Cold Storage." According to Cutler, in the feature article, ensuring that AS/RS and conveyor systems can operate smoothly requires they must be equipped with freezer grade technology. The drives, controllers, and the electronic and mechanical components must all be able to withstand temperatures down to minus 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Photo sensors should be heated so they will not fog up. Control cabinets must be heated or, located outside the refrigerated zone. Also, attention must be paid to using freezer grade, food grade, or pharmaceutically compatible lubricating greases, oils and seals. Special demands regarding the corrosion resistance of metals also need to be taken into account. is the industry's leading and popular technology website and useful resources for industrial technology enthusiasts. Industry professionals are using the Internet more than any other source to find information such as news, products, articles, application tools, technical resources, and job opportunities.

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