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Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2017-2027: FMI Report

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2017 -- Intake manifold is a small yet significant component of an internal combustion engine comprised of tubes connected to each cylinder head branching out from a single tube that channel atmospheric air directly to the engine cylinders. In the case of a spark ignition engine, air and fuel are mixed before channelling it through the intake manifold negating it as an air intake manifold, hence, automotive air intake manifolds are only used in diesel powered engines where only dehumidified and filtered air is conveyed to the engine cylinders. Automotive air intake manifold also functions as a medium to convey recirculated exhaust gases to the engine cylinders, where nitrogen oxide emission has to be reduced. Less consumption of fuel and high power output efficiency are the two major areas where the automobile manufacturers continuously strive to improve upon by application of various high performance lightweight materials in majority of vehicle components including the usage of different materials such as composites to build automotive air intake manifold. The implementation of such materials is also boosted by the fact that tailpipe emissions are being continuously regulated and various reforms are being administered leading to reduction in the weight of the vehicle.

Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market Dynamics

The research and development activities carried out to further evolve various manufacturing processes have led to considerable reduction in lead times, which has aided the automotive air intake manifold manufacturers to build the product in a very short duration of time as well as improve the performance of the component, accomplishing the demands of both the automobile manufacturers and end users. Growing automobile production and sales are the major and primary drivers influencing the growth of automotive air intake manifold market while the trend of vehicle customization to improve performance also impact the growth of the market on an upward scale in the aftermarket segment. The use of a special type of air intake manifold, known as variable length intake manifold, is also on the rise due to the flexibility it offers to the end users in controlling the various features of the component for desired performance output.

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The production and acceptance of battery powered automobiles can hinder the growth of the automobile air intake manifold market as these vehicles do not contain internal combustion engine for power generation. This factor can be considered as a high impact restraint owing to faster depletion of fossil fuel reserves and electric vehicles on the verge being the de facto transportation vehicle of the future.

Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market: Segmentation

Automotive Air Intake ManifoldMarket can be segmented as follows;

By Product type, the automotive air intake manifold market can be segmented as:

Single Plane Manifold

Dual Plane Manifold

By Vehicle type, the automotive air intake manifold market can be segmented as:

Passenger cars

Light Commercial vehicles

Heavy Commercial vehicles

Special purpose vehicles

By Build Material, the automotive air intake manifold market can be segmented as:

High Performance Plastics

Composite Materials


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By Sales Channel, the automotive air intake manifold market can be segmented as:

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)


Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market: Regional Outlook

The market growth of automotive air intake manifold is based on how popular diesel powered vehicles are in various regions. The consumers in North America region do not prefer diesel vehicles due to higher taxations, costlier than gasoline counterparts and slightly higher cost of diesel than petrol that can lightly dent the automotive air intake manifold market. The same holds true for the market in Middle East and Africa region, where consumers predominantly prefer gasoline powered vehicles. In contrast, diesel vehicles are much popular in the European region and Indian Subcontinent region owing to comparatively low diesel prices improving the prospects of high automotive air intake manifold sales in both OEM and aftermarket segment.