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Automotive Crankcase Additives Market Is Expected to Generate Huge Profits by 2017-2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2017 -- Internal combustion engines are the primary power generating apparatus housed in an automobile. These engines run largely on four stroke principle, which makes it possible for lubricants to be accommodated in the sealed crankcase, wherein it is agitated continuously by the rotating crankshaft. Automotive crankcase additives are active chemical substances infused in the crankcase oil in order to achieve various desirable advantages from the engine, including, but not limited to improved performance, engine efficiency, emission control, control of contaminants and improve overall lubricating properties of the engine oil. Two stroke engines, which are largely being phased out, also utilize the potential of automotive crankcase additives but its chemical composition differs slightly from the four stroke engine crankcase additives as the substances are directly mixed into the fuel within the crankcase. The prices of the automotive crankcase additives were not affected much owing to the decrease in oil prices since the latter half of 2014, proving that the market of automotive crankcase additives is growing strong in the automotive industry. The prices of the raw materials required to synthesize automotive crankcase additives is on par and consistent without much fluctuations, offering healthy prospects and less hindrances in the growth of the market.

Automotive Crankcase Additives Market Dynamics

With the growing number of automobiles for both personal and commercial uses, the market for the automotive crankcase additives grows hand in hand with vehicle production and is projected to grow on a positive scale in the upcoming years. Vehicles have become more of a commodity than a luxury product owing to higher disposable incomes of the consumers leading to higher demand for automobiles thereby directly influencing the growth of automotive crankcase additives market. As the Governments of various countries strive for curbing vehicle emissions for a sustainable future, the importance of automotive crankcase additives is further augmented as these substances greatly help in reducing tailpipe emissions, strengthening the sustenance of the product in the market even further. One of the major hindrances that can affect the automotive crankcase market is the emergence of Hybrid Vehicles (HVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs), which function primarily on stored electric power and less on Internal Combustion Engines, leading to less reliance on engines, thereby affecting the market.

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Automotive Crankcase Additives Market: Segmentation

Automotive Crankcase AdditivesMarket can be segmented as follows;

By vehicle type, the automotive crankcase additives market can be segmented as:

Passenger cars

Light Commercial vehicles

Heavy Commercial vehicles

Two Wheelers

By engine type, the automotive crankcase additives market can be segmented as:

Petrol Engines

Diesel Engines

Others (Natural Gas, etc.)

By product type, the automotive crankcase additives market can be segmented as:


Friction Modifiers

Detergent Additives

Rust Inhibitors

Pour Point Depressants

Viscosity Index Improvers (VII)

Anti-Foam Agents

Anti-Misting Agents

Anti-wear Additives


De-waxing Agents

Extreme Pressure (EP) Additives

Others (Emulsifiers, etc.)

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Automotive Crankcase Additives Market: Regional Outlook

In Asia Pacific region, the number of vehicles produced per year in China and India are higher than the numbers attained by major manufacturers in the Western Europe and North America regions. Vehicle production in these countries is steadily growing on a yearly basis. This factor along with large number of two wheelers in the Asiatic region contribute positively to the automotive crankcase additives market and is expected to expand even further in the upcoming years.

Automotive Crankcase Additives Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the major players in the Global Automotive Crankcase Additives market, identified across the value chain include:

ABRO Industries, Inc.

Chemtura Corporation

Afton Chemical Corporation

Evonik Industries AG

The Lubrizol Corporation

Chevron Corporation

Croda International Plc

The Armor All/STP Products Company

Brenntag Holding GmbH

Royal Dutch Shell plc


BRB International

Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC

Petroleum Chemicals, LLC