Automotive Ignition Market: Increasing Adoption of Electric Vehicle Diverts Attention from Conventional Ignition System

Electronic Automotive Ignition Systems to Capture Over 35% Market Share


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2019 -- As the price of gasoline soars and environmental issues with respect to vehicle exhaust garners attention, the auto industry is furthering research on development of novel power-train systems with higher power density, less fuel consumption and improved robustness. The ignition system, being an essential part of the power-train system, plays invaluable role in system's efficiency, robustness and exhaust pollution reduction.

Ever since the first availability of keyless ignition systems in the early 2000s in luxury models, it received flak for various reasons. However, it is now available in more mainstream vehicles with turbocharged gasoline direct injection engines. However, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has raised questions towards the drivers who shut off the engine without putting the vehicle in park; drivers who inadvertently leave the engine active— increases the vulnerability of carbon monoxide poisoning in a confined environment. To address this issue, NHTSA suggests drivers to watch its safety video and follow some basic safety tips.

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There has been growing traction for electric vehicle amid rigid emission standards, which has led to the shift towards electric automotive ignition system from traditional automotive ignition systems. Being backed up by surged reliability and efficacy, automotive ignition system are anticipated to tick over a third of the total market share.

Amidst stringent emission standards, distribution-less automotive ignition systems are being embraced owing to its emission reduction, fuel economy and durability. Against the backdrop of electronic automotive ignition systems encountering confrontation with respect to distributor maintenance and spark-time accuracy, distributor-less ignition system was aptly developed as a smart automotive ignition system delivering reliable and efficient ignition systems.

Automotive Ignition Market: Overview

The report offers a thorough analysis on the automotive ignition market with the aid of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The report focuses on the major drivers, trends, opportunities and restraints that have significant influence in the growth of the automotive ignition market. In order to provide readers with the holistic picture of the automotive ignition, the market has been segmented.

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The report includes executive summary which gives insights on market overview and market analysis. The report also includes macro-economic factors, opportunity analysis and global economic outlook. The report further gives delineates value chain analysis and forecast factors, the former offering suppliers' end users, profit margins while the latter gives insights on relevance and impact. The report also incorporates pricing analysis and market volume projections. The report delves into consumer behavior analysis and major distributors' lists and at the same time gives insights on insurance coverage in automotive ignition products.

The actionable insights in the report is the result of primary sources, including surveys, interactions in person, a reliable and authentic views of seasoned analyst, interviews and perusal of experts. In addition, the report is propelled by secondary sources incorporating trade journals, resourceful database and authentic and verified paid sources. The report is also backed up by absolute dollar opportunity analysis which has considerable influence in shaping the growth of the automotive ignition market.

Automotive Ignition Market: Competitive Landscape

The report also offers analysis on competition scenario, including competition dashboard and deep dive and also actionable insights on mergers and acquisitions. The report delineates overview, production footprint, product portfolio, sales footprint, channel footprint and strategy overview.

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