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Automotive Performance Tuning and Engine Remapping Services Market Information 2018–2028


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2018 -- Automotive performance tuning and engine remapping services is a new entrant in the field of automotive allied businesses. Although, the concept has been reciprocating around since World War II, with the introduction of ECUs/EMS (Engine Management System), the market for this sector has boosted up significantly.

Various vehicles nowadays, including cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses are equipped with Engine Control Units (ECUs). Any Engine remapping can only be performed on the vehicles having the ECUs installed. The basic concept behind Engine or ECU remapping is overwriting the installed maps with custom maps using software and other tools like dynamometer. Engine maps are the codes that command the engine to perform accordingly. By altering these codes, the various parameters of an engine can be altered. Parameters like valve timings, injection quantity, duration & pressure, boost pressure, spark advance, torque, power etc., can be manipulated with the help of remaps. The main objective of performance tuning is about efficient combustion of air-fuel mixture. Performance tuning doesn't only limit to upgrades and remaps but also includes overhauls such as boring and stroking where the engine bore diameter and the crankshafts are altered, WOT (Wide Open Throttle) or Italian Tune-Up where the vehicle is driven at full throttle to burn down all the built up carbon inside the engine. This is mainly done for cars that are short driven at lower speeds.

Engine remaps can be done in a number of ways such as, through OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port, bench tuning and chipping. There are in total three stages of performance tuning. In stage one, the ECU of a car engine is remapped as per the available resources without adding any upgrades such as hybrid turbos, intercoolers, exhaust pipes and related kits. This ensures better performance without compensating the fuel economy. Stage two is accomplishment of stage one with some minor upgrades that account for even better performance and fuel economy. The stage three is something where the ultimate potential of an engine is drawn out with the help of more complex maps and larger upgrades. Engine remaps are considered important for better performance, efficient fuel burning and longer life of the engine.

Vehicles manufactured are oftentimes under tuned so as to suit in all kinds of terrains and environments. Another reason for under tuning is that, it brings in scope for the automobile manufacturers to come up with a facelift model. Therefore, the engines are never allowed to reach their maximum potential. This very fact has encouraged the buyers to buy a lower end variant that offers less power and get it performance tuned to an extent where it can perform better in competence with the face lifted model, which comes at a higher price tag. This move by the buyers has influenced growth in the scope for automotive performance tuning and engine remapping services and has been driving the market since its inception.

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Yet another driver for the market is the car racing competitions. Race cars engines are often tuned to their complete potential by altering the pre-installed maps and upgrading the accessories. This has influenced the tuners to build the custom maps which can attribute to better outputs. The whole new trend in the current performance tuning market is automotive acoustics. In this type of tuning, the exhaust sound is pitched louder by adding some extra accessories to the exhaust system such as a larger muffler. This is basically done by decreasing the backpressure on the engine by installing free-flowing exhaust systems. Increased level of engine noise gives a staggering feeling to the vehicle owners.

However, it is being prohibited in various countries that are concerned about the noise pollution. A plus point to the market is that there are no government or environmental regulations levied on getting one's vehicle tuned-up. The major restraint observed in this market is that if the performance tuning and engine remapping requires qualified professionals which are currently limited, without which engine malfunction can occur thereby endorsed by few customers. Low level of awareness regarding this concept in developing countries has also been responsible to retard the market growth.

Automotive Performance Tuning and Engine Remapping Services Market Segmentation By Vehicle type – Cars,Bikes,Trucks, Buses & Tractors; By Fuel type – Petrol,Diesel,High Octane fuel,Low Octane fuel; By tuning stages – Stage One,Stage Two,Stage Three; By tuning method – Through OBD Port,Bench Tuning,Chipping; By applications – Racing,Fuel Economizing,Performance Enthusiasts

Automotive performance tuning and engine remapping services are gradually penetrating in to all the regions except MEA. Automotive performance enthusiasts are increasingly preferring the remaps on their vehicles in regions like Europe, U.S, Canada, Latin America, Australia & New Zealand, India, China, Japan, and South Korea. The market is in its introduction stage and has seen a drastic improvement in the demand for the same within last decade. The performance tuning market foresees itself a good fortune especially in the developed regions like Europe, North America, Japan and Australia. The market is anticipated to grow significantly in the developing regions as well.

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Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the Automotive Performance Tuning and Engine Remapping Services Market are: Roo Systems, Turbo Dynamics, Tuning Works Inc., Ecutech Tune, APTuning, TuneOTronics, Quantum Tuning, Jdm Tuners Inc, VIEZU, CODE 6 Tuning, Wolf Moto