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Wimmer Custom Cycle Offers Custom Oil Coolers for Motorcycles

For many bike riders, enhancing a motorcycle with custom parts isn't just about enriching the aesthetics; it's about improving performance. For achieving greater flow characteristics on the bike, custom oil cooler parts offer extra oil cooling during running time, when it is needed. Wimmer Custom Cycle, the online performance parts retailer for motorcycles, has a team of experts who are always strategizing their next plan to come out with a new bike accessory. Their persistence has led them to provide a wide selection of custom billet oil coolers. Their coolers are built with unique designs and high-quality materials to improve motorcycles with power and performance.

MotoChic Gear Now Available at Scuderia

Debra Chin, founder of MotoChic Gear is pleased to announce that her premier line of bags for female motorcycle riders is now available at Scuderia.

Elite Motor Rentals Now Offering the Opportunity to Rent the New 2015 Polaris Slingshot from Elite

Las Vegas is the single biggest environment on earth dedicated to feasting the senses, indulging in unique experiences and having crazy times making unforgettable memories. Many people think of the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, but there is much more to the desert city than money and marriages. Elite Motor Rentals offers people the chance to undertake once in a lifetime experiences on Nevada roads, and is now offering the opportunity to rent a 2015 Elite Polaris Slingshot, to change the way they think about driving forever.

Barb's Harley-Davidson Announces the Arrival of 2016 Motorcycle Models

LogoEver since the Harley Davidson brand came into existence in 1903, motorcycle models have been constructed throughout the years to showcase new designs and performance abilities. The new 2016 models are no different. Now that the wait for the 2016 Harley Davidson models is over, bike riders can get their hands on a brand new set of handlebars. Barb's Harley-Davidson is pleased to announce that they have added the newest models to their inventory, available for purchase. Customers can visit the showroom to browse the latest collection, as well as take them for a test ride.

Leather on Hand Publishes New Reviews of Latest Products Together with Special Discounts

Our hands are one of our most dexterous assets, and are one of the main reasons we ever evolved to have an advanced society. Because of their complexity, our hands are also relatively delicate, and need protection from many of the modern world's rigors, be it cold or the dangers of motor biking. Many people seek out the best gloves for warmth, for comfort and for protection, and Leather on Hand specializes in these items. They have just published two new reviews together with limited end of season discounts.

Wimmer Custom Cycle Carries Wide Assortment of Engine Covers for Motorcycles

The premier motorcycle performance parts online retailer, Wimmer Custom Cycle, is always in the midst of developing their next product so that their inventory is kept fresh. Recently, the bike enhancement shop has added engine covers to its inventory. The company is pleased to introduce their wide range of engine covers available for Harley Davidson model motorcycles. Bikers looking to improve the appearance of their motorcycle by adding their own personal taste to the aesthetics can shop the extensive selection of high-quality engine covers available at Wimmer Custom Cycle.

Phoenix Racing Stands Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Manufacturing the World's Most Innovative Motorcycle Stands

LogoPhoenix Racing Stands has recently earned the distinction of designing the world's most innovative and versatile stands for motorcycles. The patent pending design of their upcoming product will allow motorcyclists to quickly and easily lift their bikes from the ground and move it in the desired direction.

Radiant Cycles Undertake Website Update with New SSL Security, New Branded Products and More

Motorbikes offer one of the most liberating and exhilarating modes of transport available, putting the rider on the road with an area of contact the size of two credit cards, and an engine the size of some cars powering something less than half the weight. One of the best things riders experience is the sound of the engine, which is actually produced in large part by the exhaust. The Radiant Cycles specializes in motorcycle exhausts, and their shorty exhausts not only sound awesome they act as an early warning system so cars can hear the bike before they even see it, this vital safety feature is why they have become known as Radiant Cycles Loud and Alive. The popular store has just updated their stock to provide a wider range than ever before.

Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Provides Tips to Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance

LogoAs in most states, Pennsylvania does not have a set rate for motorcycle insurance; it varies widely based on the type of coverage preferred, the amount of time spent riding the bike, how and where it is ridden (i.e. with a passenger or on a track) and each rider's eligibility for discounts. Factors like age, driving history, motorcycle type, credit score and storage methods also affect the rates of coverage. The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency, a leading provider of motorcycle insurance in Philadelphia and the surrounding regions, always recommends full Comprehensive and Collision coverage for their policyholders, as it provides coverage for theft and accidents, as well as for damages caused by fire, vandalism and storms. However, the company also recognizes that full coverage can be prohibitively expensive and, as such, has compiled a list of tips to save money on motorcycle insurance. Launches High Quality, High Grade Motorcycle Fairings Store is a recently launched online store if high quality, high grade motorcycle fairings for Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha motorcycles. The high quality offerings of the store allow buyers to buy motorcycle fairings online that have been developed not only to improve the look of the vehicle but also provide improved performance. The aim of the web store is to provide durable, well-made Motorcycle batwing fairings that are affordable.

Let 2 Wheels Move Your Soul with Adventure Touring Motorcycle

Some individuals think an excellent vacation involves a peaceful time near a beach or up in a mountain cabin. They dream of being waited on hand and foot and having nothing to worry about. For others, a grand vacation includes a road adventure! Exploring new areas while riding a motorcycle can be exciting. Innumerable people throughout the world appreciate the freedom of sightseeing on a bike. Participating in a bike tour is one of the best ways to view local scenery while also being physically active. Travelling with your group of roadies on bikes can be an exhilarating experience. Adventure Touring Motorcycle tours are available in a wide variety of countries. A person who wishes to participate in such a tour might go to Brazil, New Zealand, the United States, Italy or China. The possibilities are as abundant as the travelers who seek adventure.

The WeeTect's Motorcycle Face Shields Are Available in the European Market

The WeeTect's helmet lens covers are finally available in the European Market. This was announced by the company sales department at a press meeting this morning. This move aims at expanding the helmet face shield that has been in high demand in this region.

The Best Answer to Biker Dating Needs Is Here

There is great news in store for passionate bikers who want to connect with a partner with similar interests. The whole biker lifestyle is very exciting, alluring and demanding too. It is not easy to find a person who has the same passion for this lifestyle, more so on traditional dating websites. To fulfill this need, has been set up where the focus is on giving bikers quick access to the best biker dating sites.

Newly Launched Biker Dating Sites Reviews the Top 4 Dating Sites for Bikers has made a comparison between the top 4 dating sites for motorcycle singles and friends. The site has compared the top four motorcycle dating sites to help biker singles in choosing a perfect dating community.

Wimmer Custom Cycle Offers Large Selection of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Air Cleaners

When bike owners want to make their motorcycle uniquely their own, they install nothing less than high-quality performance parts. That's why Wimmer Custom Cycle offers only the finest custom-made bike performance parts on the market. The online bike enhancement retailer is pleased to announce that they have a large selection of superior motorcycle air cleaners available for Harley Davidson models. Bike riders who want to unleash the power and improve the appearance of their motorcycle can do so with a custom Harley Davidson air cleaner.

Stand out from the Crowd with Suomy Mr Jump Molotov Helmets from Everything but Bikes at Competitive Prices

Protection of the head remains the top priority of bikers throughout the world. To meet that specific requirement, individuals can get Suomy Mr Jump Molotov helmets from Everything But Bikes at competitive rates. Individuals searching for the most durable helmets can count on the company to offer a vast selection of products designed in special shapes and construction to provide complete protection in the event of an accident.

My YZF Fairings Announces Custom Painted Yamaha Fairings for Yamaha Sportbike R1 and R6 Now Offered at Amazing Prices

There's no doubt custom painted fairings, the exterior plastic that protects the bike and can greatly improve aerodynamics, can not only help a motorcycle perform better, but also add a whole new dimension on how good it looks, in nearly anyone's opinion. Particularly popular with Yamaha bikes, many owners have run into some difficulty finding affordable, high quality shopping choices, with a glut of either way too expensive options or low quality, cheaply made garbage on the market. Stepping up to solve this problem is My YZF Fairings. The company recently announced they are offering Custom Painted Yamaha Fairings for the Yamaha Sportbike R1 and R6, that are not only affordable, but are also of the highest quality. Bike owners have responded with enthusiasm.

Barb's Harley-Davidson Announces Availability of Ride-in Service

LogoWhether it is a maintenance checkup, part replacement or custom installation, Barb's Harley-Davidson in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, has the service center to complete it. The Harley Davidson dealership is pleased to announce that their exquisite ride-in service center is now available. Bike riders who need their Harley Davidson motorcycle serviced can bring it to the dealership to receive topnotch care. Customers can opt between the fast lane service for quick maintenance, and the regular service for a scheduled appointment.

Get Roof Boxer V8 Blanc Helmet at Competitive Prices from Everything but Bikes

A high quality helmet is an essential piece of kit for all riders to protect the safety of their head. However with so much choice on the market, selecting one that looks good whilst remaining reliable and cost effective can be a tough decision. To combat this, Everything But Bikes now provide White Roof Boxer V8 Blanc Helmets at the competitive price of just £279.00. Introduces New Carbon Fiber German Motorcycle Helmet

American motorcycle and power sports gear brand Get Lost Helmets has recently launched their newest German motorcycle helmet that has entirely been manufactured in USA with Real Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. The brand takes much pride in the fact that the whole helmet start to finish has been made in USA, therefore showcases American ingenuity and engineering. The decision to sell the new Carbon Fiber German Motorcycle Helmet on was taken by the company after considering the larger market size and various benefits offered by to both buyers and sellers.

The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash Taking Motorcycle Accident Cases in Bucks County, PA This Summer

LogoEvery summer, the seventy to eighty degree temperatures mean that there will be more motorcyclists on the road. Also, some will be so eager to enjoy the weather and the open road that they will forget how easy it is for them to be involved in an accident. Therefore, motorcyclists who have been involved in an accident in Bucks County, PA this summer and feel the other driver was at fault, should call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Bucks County—such as The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash—immediately.

Wimmer Custom Cycle Announces New Servo Cover Performance Part Available for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Wimmer Custom Cycle is pleased to announce that it has released a brand new performance part for Harley Davidson brand motorcycles. Riders that have installed the Wimmer Custom Cycle air cleaner on the 2008 and up Harley Davidson Touring model bike can add The Throttle by Wire Servo Cover performance part for simplicity. The performance parts dealer specializes in providing high-quality performance parts for motorcycles. Motorcycle owners that want to add a customized appearance to their bike can shop the parts selection available at Wimmer Custom Cycle.

Make Life an Adventure on Two Wheels with Adventure Touring Motorcycle

There is no other feeling in the world that can compare to the sheer joy of exploring the most scenic and remote destinations from the back of a motorcycle. There is a sense of immediacy, which is not present in the driver's seat of a car. A motorcycle tour lets the traveler experience the world at its most natural form. The smell and feel of the wind can make the rider feel alive in a way that no climate controlled cockpit can. Motorcycling is a sport of emotions. Most of the riders have the best experiences of their lives on a motorcycle and once the bug has bitten, there is absolutely no turning back. Motorcycling is purely about adventure. It is about not knowing how the ride is going to turn out but taking it anyway. So much of the modern life revolves around trying to mould out own destiny into a neat package, but life actually happens when things do not go according to the plan. The best experiences are when no one knows what is coming up next. Adventure Touring Motorcycle is all about embracing this knowledge and being open to new experiences, without knowing where the trail might lead.

Barb's Harley-Davidson Announces Swing Into Summer New Bike Event

LogoBike riders who are looking to purchase a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, and are good at playing baseball, are in luck this season. At Barb's Harley-Davidson, customers can take advantage of the dealership's new motorcycle promotion. The Harley Davidson motorcycle dealership located in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, is pleased to announce it is holding their Swing into Summer New Bike Event. The event offers customers three options for buying their new bike.

Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. Offers Law Services for Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

LogoAs the weather gets warmer, more and more motorcyclists take to the roads of Berks County and Schuylkill County and beyond. Accidents involving motorcycles typically occur as a result of the failure of other motorists to see the motorcycle in traffic. Most motorcycle accidents involve severe injuries and long-term disability and they can often times be fatal. The effects of motorcycle accident injuries can be devastating given the cost of medical treatment, the pain and suffering, and the loss of income. The attorneys at Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C., can help injured motorcycle riders obtain maximum compensation for their motorcycle case and they work hard to do so. The Berks County, PA, law firm of Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C., has been handling motorcycle accident cases for decades.