Automotive Press Releases

California Online Traffic School Advocates the Importance of Abiding by the Simple Life-Saving Traffic Rules

One of the most common causes of deaths globally based on some studies and surveys conducted by the World Health Organization has been attributed to the shocking number of road traffic accidents such as car crashes and collisions and countries all over the world are still finding the most efficient ways to reduce these occurrences.

California Online Traffic School Advocates the Importance of Abiding by the Simple Life-Saving Traffic Rules

One of the most common causes of deaths globally based on some studies and surveys conducted by the World Health Organization has been attributed to the shocking number of road traffic accidents such as car crashes and collisions and countries all over the world are still finding the most efficient ways to reduce these occurrences.

The WeeTect's Motorcycle Face Shields Are Available in the European Market

The WeeTect's helmet lens covers are finally available in the European Market. This was announced by the company sales department at a press meeting this morning. This move aims at expanding the helmet face shield that has been in high demand in this region.

Champion to Display New Export Product Line at SEMA

LogoThe first product group for Paladin Motor Oils will be Champion's award-winning SynGold ™ line of full synthetic motor oils. These lubricants will be blended and packaged in Clinton, Missouri to meet today's specifications from API, ILSAC or ACEA.

Champion Oil to Exhibit at 2015 China Auto Salon in Shanghai

LogoThe invitation to exhibit at the mega-event came from the SEMA China Business Development Trade Committee that allows participants to gain insight into the growing specialty automotive market for over 1.4 billion Chinese. Through networking opportunities with retailers and wholesalers in and around Shanghai, American businesses will learn what products sell, what products are in demand, and for which applications.

Champion Racing Oil to Display J&J Unique Sprint Car Body at Performance Racing Trade Show

LogoFor nearly 40 years, Jack Elam has been manufacturing racecars. The dedication to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and willingness to build exactly what his customers ask for have helped J&J Auto Racing be recognized as the 410 Sprint Car "Builder/Manufacturer of the Year". Just ask - Donny Schatz, Tony Stewart, Arnie McDonald, Steve Kinser, Derek Hagar, Chad Kemenah, Danny Holtgraver, Tim Shaffer, Robbie Stillwaggon, Dave Blaney, Jake Beard-Miller, Eric Riggins, Jr., Wade Nygaard, Lee Grosz, Chad Ely, Daniel Pestka, Marshall Skinner, Carl Bowser, Jarod Zimbardi, Ed Lynch, Jr., Ben Atkinson, Joe Ramaker, Tony Grams, Ray Allen Kulhanek, Josh Schneiderman, and DJ Simmerman to name a few.

Champion to Display Shryock Race Car at Heartland Auto Racing Show

LogoThe Heartland Auto Racing Show is the premier trade show for the Plains States and Upper Midwest. The show will bring together regional companies from the Heartland and national companies that greatly value the race teams and buyers of the area.

DNABER Parts Features over 100,000 Auto Parts for People to Find Suitable Spare Parts Online at Competitive Prices

People can now quickly find suitable auto parts for their cars on the web store of DNABER Auto Parts. The online store maintains a large inventory of over 100,000 parts for vehicles of different makes and models. One needs to simply enter their vehicle's registration number to find parts for their cars. The website has been designed with a fast and effective search feature that allows people find suitable auto parts from its large database.

Patriot Chevrolet Offering Dealer Discount for 2015 Chevy Sonic

LogoAs a leading Chevy dealer in Philadelphia, Patriot Chevrolet routinely offers drivers special deals on new and used vehicles. Throughout the month of July, the dealership is pleased to announce they are offering a dealer discount for 2015 Chevrolet Sonic vehicles. The discount is available for all models of the Sonic, including the Hatch RS, Sedan LTZ, Hatch LT, and Sedan LT.

Patriot Chevrolet Announces Vehicle Spotlight on Used 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8

LogoWhen looking for used cars in Pottstown, PA, Patriot Chevrolet has placed a vehicle spotlight on a 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8. They are offering a special pricing model through their Facebook page with an expiration date of August 12, 2015. Drivers interested in this nicely equipped, two door family vehicle will see a savings of over $3,000. The price was $44,788, and it is now available for $41,685.

CJH Market Place, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Automobile Parts and Accessories

LogoCarroll Haydel is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture The website offers a wide selection of car parts and accessories including lighting for cars, replacement car parts, car oil, car care products, and more. Haydel was inspired to start his website by his lifelong passion for vehicles. He has been working on cars all of his life and knows a lot about them so he started the website to share this knowledge and provide car parts and accessories to anyone who needed them.

Car Pro Jerry Reynolds Releases the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Review

Car Pro announces the release of Jerry Reynold's 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost review. In addition to including a video test drive, the review includes buying tips and dealer recommendations. Viewers love the Car Pro New Car Reviews provided weekly, as it makes the car buying process much easier for all involved. The Ford Mustang remains the most iconic vehicle in automotive history in the eyes of many, and this sixth generation model celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the 1965 model year.

Carpenter Bus Sales Launches "The Extra Mile" Scholarship

LogoHenry Headden, a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, is the owner and president of Carpenter Bus Sales located in Franklin, TN. Headden has held education in high regard and believes that with the proper education, students can be successful in business and in life. To that end, Headden wants to help students achieve their educational dreams.

Champion Brands, LLC Announces New Export Line of Full Synthetic Motor Oils

Logo"The word Paladin is often defined as a leader and champion of causes", stated Karl Dedolph, Director of International sales. "We are excited about this new addition to the Champion family, a leader in top-tier motor oils. This export-specific brand will utilize a knight's helmet from preceding marketing strategies that Champion used in the 1960s for its logo, and also incorporate the popular racing flag background found on our current Champion branded products."

ACCA Releases New Infographic on the Dangers of Leaving Kids in Cars

LogoAmerican Children's Cancer Association (ACCA) has released a new infographic, detailing the extreme danger of leaving children in a car.

Top Quality Knee Guards Now Available from CMP Racewear, at Competitive Prices

Specialists of Track Bikes, Helmets and Accessories, CMP Racewear Ltd, now offer top quality EVS Option Knee Guards to help protect the legs of riders participating in the sport. The EVS Option Knee Guards are the most durable option on the market, constructed using high-grade moulded neoprene and foam materials, they provide full knee to shin coverage.

The Best Answer to Biker Dating Needs Is Here

There is great news in store for passionate bikers who want to connect with a partner with similar interests. The whole biker lifestyle is very exciting, alluring and demanding too. It is not easy to find a person who has the same passion for this lifestyle, more so on traditional dating websites. To fulfill this need, has been set up where the focus is on giving bikers quick access to the best biker dating sites.

USA Motors Inc. Provides Towing Services for Drivers in Need

As a trusted car mechanic and repair shop in Washington, DC, USA Motors Inc. is relied upon for prompt repairs to get vehicles back in top condition. Offering services for transmissions, tires, engines, electrical issues, and more, the company is announcing their towing services for drivers stranded with car problems. It's a stressful situation when a car breaks down, but knowing that the vehicle can be towed and repaired by the professional car care service will provide peace of mind.

Champion Announces Blue Flame 5w-30 Diesel Motor Oil for RAM EcoDiesel

LogoRAM, which is part of Chrysler and FIAT, has been able to utilize the diesel-building expertise of VM Motori in Italy. They designed and built the 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel, which uses an iron block, aluminum cylinder heads, dual overhead cams and 24 valves. Turbocharged and intercooled, and meeting emissions regulations in all 50 states, the diesel is rated at 240 horsepower at 3600 rpm and 420 lb-ft of torque at 2000 rpm. The motor oil specification is for this engine is MS-11106 and ACEA C-3.

Automobile Safety Foundation Offers Diamonds and Emeralds

A private philanthropist has donated a beautiful diamond and emerald broach for the commencement of an ASF fundraiser, with the goal of obtaining a million dollars (or real estate donation) to obtain a new ASF Communication Center for their international auto safety work. The illustrious broach, over a hundred years old, has been passed through many family generations and is rumored to have an historic royal background (if any experts identify it from the photos please contact ASF). ASF is gifting this rare broach (resembling a peacock) as an award (or in a quid pro quo arrangement) to the donor that can donate the most worthwhile donation toward the new ASF Center.

New Caravans by Nova Caravans Offers an RV Option for Everyone

LogoNova Caravans is one of the most highly sought vehicles when purchasing new caravans. The company's recreational vehicles have graced the cover of numerous worldwide magazines and the firm's individual models have been widely featured. They're serving millions of Australians as their home away from home for holidays, weekend getaways and working holidays.

Driving Lessons Help Students Achieve a Modern Rite of Passage

LogoA teen's driving lessons can be particularly stressful for parents and it's just one of the many reasons that individuals seek the services of Hi-Way Driving School. Obtaining a driver's license is a rite of passage for teens and young adults that's made infinitely easier with the more than 30 years of experience available at the driving school.

DentremovalOrlando Offers Paint Less Dent Repair, a Service Beating the Body Repair Shops

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal Orlando offer a new unique process that can restore a dented vehicle's body to its original state, through a process that reaches deep behind the metal sheets of the car's body and then massages the dented area that forcibly but comfortably pulls the dent out. The cost for removing such dents with the Paintless Dent Removal procedure is cheaper as compared to other solutions especially auto body shop dent repairs.

Tackle Lockouts with Confidence when People Get in Touch with San Antonio Locksmith

Car lockouts don't have to get out of hand if the number of this San Antonio Locksmith is used to call for help. A lot of times, in situations involving a lockout, a great deal of time is wasted. The car owner feels helpless and this only adds to the frustration.

The Automobile Safety Foundation Introduces the Holy Grail of Driving Safety - The ASF Gift Card

The NHTSA states,"driver distraction is recognized as one of the most common causes of traffic crashes," said Secretary LaHood.

IG Auto Like Takes the Initiative of Informing Its Users About the Instability of the Site

IG Auto Like is an online based auto comments and auto likes provider offering its customers auto Instagram likes as well as comments within affordable range. The company works in collaboration with its customers and is considered the one stop solution for quality based Instagram services. At they use safe and natural methods of increasing their customer's popularity on Instagram. IG Auto Like is actually a social media management firm operating in Thessaloniki, Greece. The professionals working with this firm are not only equipped with the skills of offering Instagram auto likes but they are sheer Instagramers having detailed knowledge about everything in relation to the use of Instagram. The company officials put in their best efforts in promoting the Instagram posts and profiles of their clients for generating, receiving and collecting auto Instagram comments and likes. All these services offered by IG Auto Like are available within an affordable range as well and this comes as an added feature of the excellent services provided by the site. The company officials and administrators are providing liability and safety of their services and it is also offering packages specially developed for meeting the requirements of clients.

Boost Title Loans Started Offering Car Title Loans on Lenient Repayment Terms

Boost Title Loans, a reputed lending institution which has its office in Stockton, California, recently started offering no credit check car title loans Stockton. The lenders have made it very clear that all they need is to use the borrower's car title as collateral. They maintained that their loan officers check the eligibility preconditions of loan applicants over the phone and if the loan applicant is found eligible, he or she can collect the loan amount in one hour.