Automotive Press Releases

Icon Motors Announces New Models for Summer Road Trips in Tennessee

Icon Motors is announcing new models available at their Nashville, TN dealership this May, for drivers looking to buy a vehicle to take on their summer road trip. Icon Motors offers affordable forms of reliable transportation to Tennessee locals.

High Quality Window Tinting Services from the Industry Experts Are Available Now

The benefits of window tinting are many but only when it is done under the care and supervision of experts. Window Tinting West London is one such company that offers premier tinting services for all types of cars with utmost professionalism and due diligence. Irrespective of the car make or model and the budget of the customers, the team here ensures that every tinting project is handled with great efficiency. Car tints are basically installed depending upon the car owner's personal preference. However, tinting comes with many benefits. The first and foremost is that car tints can reduce the glare and heat. Tints can effectively block the heat and reduce 85% of the glare.

AudioCityUSA Offers No Credit Check Financing for Wheels and Rims with No Hidden Fees

LogoAudioCityUSA, one of the largest providers of rims and wheels by the leading brands, offers no credit check financing for wheels and rims with no hidden fees. They finance wheels and rims of all manufacturers including but not limited to Moto Metal, Niche, DUB, Rohana, Giovanna, MKW, etc. The company provides its customers with excellent customer service with minimum documentation work. Anyone who want to finance wheels and rims from the company must be employed for at least 6 months with a gross income of $1,000 a month and have an open, active bank account established for at least 3 months with NO returned checks or NSF fees, Over Draft within the last 30 days. For the convenience of their customers, they have provided the comprehensive information of their financing program on their official website,

Tennessee Customers Looking for a New Vehicle for Summer Road Trips Can Turn to Icon Motors This Summer

Drivers who are looking for a new vehicle to take road trips with this summer, can rely on Icon Motors to provide them with a reliable and affordable form of transportation in Tennessee. Customers are encouraged to visit the locally owned and operated dealership for great prices on cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans at their dealership located at: 2931 Dickenson Pike, Nashville, TN.

Global Automotive Power Steering Gears Market 2017-2021 - New Study Released

LogoAutomotive power steering helps the driver to steer the wheels by controlling the steering effort on the wheel. In power steering, electric motors help the steering motion instead of hydraulic systems.

New Market Report: Global Motorcycle Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Market 2017-2021

LogoMotorcycle ADAS supports and assists the rider, to reduces stress and provide comfort to the rider. It is an amalgamation of comfort and safety functions with the objective of accident avoidance. ADAS predominantly serves the purpose of active safety. ADAS includes ABS, TCS, ACC, TPMS, and gear shift assist. These systems increase the stability of the motorcycle when compared to traditional motorcycles.

Executive Auto Salon Puts Customers First

LogoExecutive Auto Salon, the premier auto body shop in Philadelphia, is one of the leaders in auto repair in the Philadelphia area. Their wide range of services helps make them one of the leaders in a market that is filled with body shops. To stand out in a city as big as Philadelphia is no easy task, but a task that Executive Auto Salon has certainly achieved.

Spring Is Perfect Time to Get Cars Detailed by Executive Auto Salon

LogoExecutive Auto Salon, one of the premier body shops in Philadelphia, is encouraging all of their customers to come get their cars detailed in time for summer.

AudioCityUSA Provides Wheel Financing with Progressive Payment Scheme

LogoOne of the most sought after names in the wheel and rim industry, AudioCityUSA provides wheel financing with progressive payment scheme. The procedure to finance wheels and rims at AudioCityUSA is easy and simple with multiple flexible payment options, while no interest is levied if the payment is made within ninety days. People must have a 3-month-old regular checking account and have at least 6 month's income from the same employer in order to finance wheels and rims from the company. Those who fulfill this criteria can order the wheels of their choice from the company's official website,, or get in touch with one of their wheels specialists over phone, 888.814.1158. The wheels will then be delivered at the consumer's place within a stipulated time frame.

Davida UK Ltd Introduces New Leather Liner Kits for Speedster V3 and Ninety 2 Helmets

The leading provider of open face helmets, Davida UK Ltd has recently introduced new replacement leather liner kits for their Speedster V3 and Ninety 2 helmets. The leather liners are available in five different colours – black, brown, ZNut brown, ROX blood red and white. Individuals can easily replace the leather lining in the same colour or change for any of the different colours available with the company. These leather liner kits are supplied by Davida with 2 x Leather Covered Foam Ears - Left & Right, 2 x Leather Chin Strap Covers - Left & Right, 1 x Leather Comfort Liner, and much more.

Carloans411.Ca Reaches New Milestone as the Industry Leader for 10+ Years in Automotive Marketing is among the pioneering automotive marketing and online car loan service providers that focus on offering dependable auto loan service by serving as the bridge between thousands of Canadians in need of a car loan and trusted lenders and financial institutions every day for the past 11 years. Their Bad credit car loans in Toronto service is an example of how they have local programs tailored to meet the needs of those with a bad credit history in a specific city, the simplified fast approval car loans offer a much-needed relief from the complications of getting loans from the banking and financial system. is currently celebrating their 11 years as the industry leaders and the most trustworthy car loan providers in the business.

Austin Car Key Pro's Buys a New Fleet of Locksmith Vans in Response to Public Demand

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States with a large student community and a massive immigrant population. There is a great demand for locksmith services to help deal with emergency situations faced by the residents on a daily basis, such as getting locked out of the home or car, or having to replace the locks after a forced break-in attempt.

Auto Air & Heating, Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Auto Air & Heating, Inc., an auto mechanic that describes itself as a "one-stop shop" for preventative automotive heating and cooling repairs, announced today that it has joined forces with BizIQ, a digital marketing company based in Phoenix, Arizona, that works with small businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

'Motors' Reveals Most Commonly Stolen Items from UK Cars: Swiftlease Comments

'Motors', a UK based website in which advertises everything car related has recently updated their blog, listing the most commonly stolen items from UK cars – urging people to be more vigilant and take the necessary precautions.

Revised UK Speeding Fine Law Come Into Force: Swiftlease Comments

Drivers who get caught speeding far in excess of the speed limit will now face more severe fines, starting from 150% of their weekly salary. The minimum fine for serious offences used to lay at 100%.

ABS Auto Glass Explains Broken Windshield Response Best Practices

ABS Auto Glass, a leading New Jersey and Pennsylvania-based automotive glass replacement provider, recently released a write-up on their website indicating to car owners the steps they should take if their windshields break while they are operating a vehicle. The traveling auto glass replacement specialists have been in operation since 1998 and regularly assist car owners across Greater Philadelphia with automotive glass replacements.

Formal Motorcycle Flat Track Safety Group Announcement

LogoCo-founders Randy Kremlacek and Brian Bartlow today announce the formation of a new organization dedicated to improving safety for motorcycle flat track racers, pit crew, and spectators.

Introducing SLIDERTOP, the Incredibly Convenient Sliding Truck Bed Cover

LogoTrucks today can come equipped with a variety of accessories, ranging from bike racks to rear bumpers. All of these accessories serve a purpose, but few are as pivotal as a truck bed cover. These bed covers serve to add a layer of security for the goods in the back any truck while keeping the naturally stylish appearance of the truck's design. Sadly, many truck beds covers are a pain to open and close. What's worse is that the majority of these covers only open from the tailgate end of the truck, effectively limiting the usable storage space in the truck bed. To remedy this issue is a truly revolutionary sliding panel design that has never been implemented before. This sliding design is embodied by a new product named SLIDERTOP, providing a fully-protective and low-profile truck bed cover while offering a massive upgrade in the realm of convenience.

Montgomeryville Cycle Center Running Several Spring Specials

LogoMontgomeryville Cycle Center is currently running several spring specials on motorcycles, ATVs and other vehicles for riders in the Bucks County, PA region. These promotions are on bikes from different brands such as Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW and Ducati.

Gridiron Tire Believes Spring Is Perfect Time to Rotate Tires

Gridiron Tire, a leader in providing quality tires at affordable prices, wants everyone that is considering rotating their tires to do so before summer.

Preparing for a Road Trip: The Hosemaster Comments

Popular Mechanics, an online site which released information to influence and help readers have released an article which details what people need to do in order to have a successful road trip. When it comes to road trips many people forget about the things they need to do to their cars in order for it to be prepared for a long journey.

Benefits of Buying and Leasing a Vehicle: Swiftlease Comments

Top Speed, an online site providing car news and reviews has released a new article on their site which has listed the benefits and disadvantages of both buying and leasing cars. There are many different ways of purchasing a car, for example buying outright, leasing and even having it on finance. The multiple ways of getting a vehicle can be incredibly hard for people to know which is best for them.

Champion Racing Oils Now Available at Behrent's Performance Warehouse

Logo"It is extremely important for Champion to identify a racing & performance business that shares the same goals and has the ability to provide racers and enthusiasts with first class service and product support," said Karl Dedolph, Director of the Racing and Performance Division for Champion. "Behrents clearly fits the stringent criteria we identified to distribute our products, especially in the oval track market."

AutoAwards by NuCar Consulting, Inc. Reports Over $1.6 Billion In Customer Pay Parts & Service Transactions Driven By Points-Based Loyalty Program

LogoAutoAwards is proud to announce they have reached a milestone in their 23 year history. Their customized points-based loyalty platform has helped drive over $1.6 billion in customer pay parts & service transactions at our network of automotive dealerships. With over 23 years of experience and an executive team with retail automotive experience, their loyalty platform has proven to be highly successful and continues to drive the parts and service for hundreds of car dealerships.

The Best Racing Weekends: Roose Motorsport Comments

Live Trading News, an online site releasing a variety of news has posted an article last month which lists the best racing weekends in the world of motorsports. The F1 season began at the end of March where Sebastian Vettel found himself winning the opener.