Joe Bragg Explains the Average Wage Auto Technicians Can Expect to Earn


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- With millions of vehicles driving on America’s roads every day, auto technicians play a valuable role in society. They fix problems that few others can solve and drivers rely on auto techs to keep vehicles in safe operating condition.

One website aims to explain the intricacies of becoming an auto technician. That website is, which features an auto tech job description along with information about salary requirements, working conditions, and more.

At¸ visitors will find a wide range of information about auto technicians and the life they lead. As a spokesperson for the website explains, many people are unsure what, exactly, an auto tech does during an average day at the office:

“Auto technicians are specialized repairmen who work in shops to fix and inspect vehicles. Some auto techs specialize in a certain component of the car – like the transmission – while others might service multiple parts of the vehicle during an average day. When somebody drops a vehicle off at a garage to be fixed, auto techs are responsible for repairing any damage to that vehicle and getting it safely back onto the roads.”

The website also features detailed information about the salary and wages auto techs can expect to earn. In most cases, auto techs earn an hourly wage based on the time they spend fixing vehicles. The average hourly wage is around $18, although top auto techs can expect to earn up to $60,000 per year as their experience grows. also explains the intricacies of auto tech job training. Certain certifications, for example, can enhance an auto tech’s employability and raise wages, including a certificate from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. The website also explains how auto tech schools work, including the career path an auto tech can take to become a certified mechanic:

“Anybody interested in becoming an auto tech can visit our website to learn more about the training process. Many auto techs choose to specialize in a certain aspect of automotive repair, like domestic or foreign vehicles, auto HVAC, transmission repair, small engines, and more. Our website explains the advantages of all of these career paths in order to best help visitors repair for a career as an automotive technician.”

Those who are ready to learn more about a career as an auto technician can fill out a free form at the website. That form simply asks for a name, email address, and phone number. After entering this information, visitors will be contacted with more information about how to become an auto tech.

Whether searching for auto tech wages or interested in learning more about how to become an auto tech, the website aims to be the first place people stop when learning how to become an auto tech online.

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