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Autumn Calabrese 21 Day Fix Review - What Are the Real Results?


Doswell, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- The Autumn Calabrese 21 day fix review is in and the results, as expected, have been astounding. The focus of the program has been to reduce the participants’ weight down to a size that suits them specifically. The program does not promote the ‘one size is good enough for all’ theory as it understands that people need to find a size that is good enough for them. This is why the 21 day fix review has sung accolades and praises about the program. The program falls in the category of fad diet; the only difference is that Autumn Calabrese promotes long-term weight loss as opposed to something that reduces the clients’ size for only a few months at the most.

The 21 day fix works on two particular elements that help in weight loss: simple eating and simple fitness. Simple fit ness essentially promotes seven types of workouts or exercises that last for thirty minutes. These exercises will aim to reduce fat through yoga, Pilates, cardio with weights, upper body, legs and cardio without weights. Simple eating, on the other hand, is diet-based. It mostly functions on control how much a person eats. If the food one wants to eat fits in the bowl that has been assigned to them, they can enjoy it. If not, however, they will have to stay content with a smaller portion. These two methods are, like their names, extremely simple. No chemicals or other harmful “scientific” tricks will be administered on the clients.

The 21 day fix results have also been great. All the applicants have come out with slimmer waists and a higher level of confidence in their own skins. Younger men and women will find the program to be much quicker and effective in helping them shed off the extra calories. Older men and women will also benefit from the program, even though they may have to work a little harder.

The infomercial of the program urges viewers to visit to learn more about the routine and to go ahead and order the program as soon as possible. If one is dissatisfied with the program, it can be returned for free if it has been delivered digitally. However, the initiators of the program easily guarantee that clients will be impressed with the results as well. In exchange the experts only ask that the users help them promote the product by using the hash tag ‘21dayfix’ as frequently as they can.

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