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Avanti Company Launches Industry Blog


Avon Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- The Avanti Company, a leading specialist in flow meters and metering systems, has launched an industry blog on its official website at

The new blog will provide clients with extensive information on the firm’s products and services, as well as relevant news on the Flow Meter industry, updates about new items in stock, and helpful tips on the operation or maintenance of flow meters.

The industry blog is professionally written and regularly updated to provide users with the most topical and reliable information possible. By industry standards, it is a very distinctive feature, therefore reflecting the Avanti Company’s unique and innovative approach to customer service.

Indeed, the blog was launched as part of the firm’s wider effort to engage with its clients and expand its web presence. In recent years, the internet has become a vital medium for business growth and visibility, which is why the Avanti Company has also taken efforts to maintain a well-functioning and effective website.

Given the technical complexity of flow meters and their invaluableness in a variety of industries and functions, the blog is likely to be very welcomed by clients and new users alike.

In addition to the blog, the Avanti Company’s website includes a wide range of informative resources, such as data sheets on its various products, calculators and tools, industry association links, profiles on its services, and more.

About The Avanti Company
The Avanti Company, which is headquartered in Avon Park, Florida, was founded in 1977 and remains a family-owned and operated company. It is well known for the high quality of its wares, which includes an extensive line of flow meters and water metering systems. Additionally, the company is known for its generous professional metering services, which include testing, repair, maintenance, and the like.