Avid Mobile

Avid Mobile Offers Free Trials of Featuring Outstanding Mobile Marketplace Tools

Quick summary of the free trial services that Avid Mobile offers.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2012 -- Avid Mobile, unparalleled leader in mobile marketing, SMS sales technology and whiteboard labeling is currently offering customers a chance to test out the service for free. A free trial on the Avid Mobile website allows customers to test out the applications available to launch a mobile marketing campaign fit for the twenty first century. Covering a wide range of marketplace features and needs the Avid Mobile enterprise level marketing application allows clients to use a pre-built fully integrated marketing campaign that looks seamlessly like it was built and designed in house.

The free trial offers a fantastic look at the Avid Mobile white label platform, which allows clients to integrate their own designs, ideas and methodology onto a proven white label platform that works across a wide variety of industries. The trial also offers a demo accounts and system access that will allow potential clients the ability to create keyword campaigns, text2win mobile couponing, auto responding, mobile set and QR code generations and this is just the easy to access free trial. Customers who want a high quality demo of the full range of reseller platform features should email or call Avid Mobile for a live demo of the back-end system.

This free trial is an excellent opportunity for potential clients to experiment and make up their own minds on moving forwards with a mobile marketplace firm like Avid Mobile. Information on both the standard 24 hour account access trial as well as the full demo is available via the website at all times. Click here for more information.