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New SMS Couponing Module from Avid Mobile Offers Effective Green Commercial Tools

Information on the benefits of a SMS couponing module released by Avid Mobile.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Mobile marketing experts Avid Mobile have recently unveiled a new short message service (SMS) coupon module that is both economical and ecologically sound. SMS coupons are a simple and effective business solution in the modern E-marketplace. The new SMS couponing module saves clients time and money in terms of shipping and printing costs alone. With no paper or ink, just a simple easy to access single use text message based coupon carbon credits as well as tangible savings are simply acquired by switching to an SMS couponing module when compared to classic printed coupons.

The new couponing module also helps business owners grow a database of clients who have asked to receive SMS messages and updates about the business’ current sales, news and offers. This database building also gives business owners a direct link to customers using SMS messaging, a technique that continues to show results in modern market studies.

The SMS couponing module developed by Avid takes the work out of the hands of busy business owners and moves it to an easy to implement program that adapts easily to any commercial business model. It is an ecologically sound method of using the economically proven couponing concept. SMS couponing itself is beginning to surpass standard couponing as smartphones become more and more common. Avid Mobile has developed this SMS couponing module specifically with modern E marketplace needs in mind and offers the service at the lowest rates possible. For more information on Avid Mobile click here.